Saturday, February 21, 2009

Earn Money Again With Paid Review

Earn Money Again With Paid Review

Alhamdulilah. After waiting for less one month, I earn my second $2 again, from paid review., where I earn my first $2 for about 1 month ago.

The story starts when yesterday, I got an email from blogsvertise, which say that a task assigned in my account to review about a website, with $2 as payment.
But blogsvertise asked that a review should be posted in my other blog "Happy Family, Rama Abi Umi". (I submitted both of my blog there).

Actually i wonder why it should be posted there, because, in my opinion, this blog has more fresh content and also a better alexa, compared with that one. Although the blogs status are approved, but an assigned task always come for "Happy Family" blog, whereas the blog is all talk about my story in being a happy mommies for my beloved son, Rama.

Pointing from relevancy contents, I think this blog is more relevant with the review I done, but however... The possible reason appears in my mind why they dont assign the task here is, because this blog is new and doesn't appear to be at least 60 days old as they require in paid review... :(

But, it's okay. However, I still did it. Because its all about "money", huh??? ^_^
Finally i reviewed about a real estate realtor.. I do it in a half an hours, then submitted that task. Now I just wait for an approval.

Wish that $2 dollar will become in hand. Not at much those value, but i'm commitment in starting to earn money online, step by step, from newbie to expert, and from lowest, to highest.... (Hohoho.... Hope much about it!!!). ^_^


  1. Paid review are having so much competition these days. So far, before the pays became so cheap, I was able to earn $300 from paid posts/reviews and I am happy about that. But for now, I slowed down as the payment are really much cheaper.

  2. @ webbielady
    wow, $300 is more than much more more more... How can you get it? You may assist me...

  3. What Am I looking for in my business? Yesss, I agree. Its all about money.

  4. @ sumartono
    Heeh. Agree banget dah ah..

  5. I have been having great luck with reviews on my blog.

  6. @ baby shower ideas

    Wow... Congrats to you guy...

  7. Sometime we could earn very much with paid reviews, especially if our blog have hight PR.

  8. @ download movies
    Yup. Glad for them who has already reached a high PR. For me who still have a Zero and Zero, it's okay. Let it flow, let the blog just walking by itself. ^_^

  9. You can also learn a lot by doing your own reviews for affiliate companies. You can join up with and have access to all sorts of products to review.. then, instead of getting paid to write them, you get paid a commission on every sale that your website sends their way.. If you write about things you know about and are passionate about, you will sell a lot.

    I do SOME of it on my web design blog in which i tell people how to find a good web host. I strongly stand by hostmonster as i have used them for 5 websites myself. So when i tell people that and write about it, people will feel comfortable.

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