Monday, September 14, 2009

You Got Backlink When You Commented on A High Page Ranked Do Follow Post (not Blog)

A few days a go, I've read some article in a blog that almost make me surprise.
Yeah, a great surprise that I've already made a great mistake.

During the time I started blogging until now, what I do realize and understand is,
IF YOU wanna GET A Quality Backlink, try to comment in HIGH PAge Ranked BLOGS.
That's why, I always try to look for a do follow bog with a high Google page rank, and giving comment in (whatever) its post.

But you know that, Its trully a great mistake. Why... Because something that i do realize after I read the article (which i state above before), commenting in do follow - high Page ranked blog will mean nothing, unless You commented in a HIGH PAGE RANKED POST/ARTICLE.

Yups, that's right.
Take a simple sample like this. Where did you put your backlink?? In a POST COMMENT. (Not in A BLOG homepage!!) It means that, Google will count your quality backlink when you only Comments in A High-Do follow PageRanked Post (not in A High Do Follow Page Ranked Blog).
See the difference, huh...??

So, from now on, try to comment not in a (whatever) post, but on high do follow page ranked posts...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Free Exchange Link With My Page Rank 2 Blog

In order to get more friends, to keep contact with other bloggers, and to support my rank,

I would like to invite All of Bloggers, to do Exchange Link with me.

The Benefits that i offer are:

1. My Page Rank Blog is 2.
2. I put the exchange link in the main page of the blog.
(look at the screen shoot)

3. Its opened for all bloggers from PageRank 0, 1, 2, and up....

And the rule that you must fill are:
1. Simply link my blog with anchor text "2 Earn Money For Netter"
2. Tell me that you have already do it, by commenting here, in this post.
3. Your exchange link page should be placed in your main page, not in post area.
4. Your blog must not been categorized as a porn one, races, and spams..
5. I have my own decision in deciding which blog that I am agreeing to exchange link with...

So... Who want to Exchage Link With Me?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wolfram Alpha, Computational Knowledge Engine

After using a new web browser, now I want to share about a new search engine, Wolfram Alpha. Or it is more approriate if we call it, a computational knowledge engine.

Actually, like his name, Wolfram Aplpha is designed to solve a knowledge question. It best solve nearly any mathematical equation.

For example, when you enter a series of numbers, such as 2, 4, 6, 8 in the search box, in seconds, some possible answer appears...
Look at the picture I've shoot...

The answers the search engine gave, almost complete, from genetaring function, statistics, until the chart.

Another example, when you entry a question about, who is president of indonesia, the answer will looks like this...

You can use it to solve some arithmatic function. You enter your question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and growing collection of data to compute the answer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Web Broser, My Google Chrome

Almost a week recently, I have used Google Chrome as my new web browser. Sounds late, is it? Though Google Chrome has already launched at September 2008, but I'm interested in just recently. That's because my firefox doesn't work well.

I pointing the most advantages using a Google Chrome is it loads very fast, much much faster than others browser, such Firefox and IE. That makes Google Chrome different than others.

Here's another benefit using Google Chrome which I took from some article:

New Features

When you open a new tab in Chrome you have some interesting options. You have the 9 most visited sites in the main part of the window, on the right there is a search bar, a list of your recent bookmarks and a list of recently closed tabs. Pretty much the things that you would need or want to access.

There is also a small link on the bottom left that shows your full history, so you really do have access to anything that you have been recently working on. The site history does not open in a small sidebar, it opens in the full page. There is also a search function for your history. This is a great improvement on the other browsers.

There is also a full list of Chrome features, each with a 30 second video, on the Google Chrome site.

Since we spend so much time online, we began seriously thinking about what kind of browser could exist if you started from scratch and built on the best elements out there. We realized that the web had evolved from mainly simple text pages to rich, interactive applications and that we needed to completely rethink the browser. What we really needed was not just a browser, but also a modern platform for web pages and applications, and that's what Google set out to build.

In theory, each tab works as a stand alone browser. If one tab crashes the others do not crash. At least this is what they say, I have not had a crash yet to let you know it it works.

Google claims that there is "improved speed and responsiveness across the board". I find this an understatement. This is the fasted browser on the internet today. They also say that they built V8, a more powerful JavaScript engine, to power the next generation of web applications that aren't even possible in today's browsers. This seems true to me, and only time will tell. (like written by Richard Mclaughin)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Civil Servant Recruitment 2009

A few time a go, some of Government Department have opened Civil Servant Recruitment.
They are Dept. Of Foreign Affairs, Department of Finance, and the newest one is Department of Industry.

Three of them have already opened the process recruitment and accepted formation for civil servant candidate from Diploma and Bachelor Degree, exclude Departement of Finance. At this time, Department of Finance only opened formation from Vocational High School.

This year, I've already applied for Department of Industry and also Department of Foreign Affairs.
I've already pass the online exam (Dept. of Industry) and now wait for the document validation.
Difference with Dept. of Industry, Dept. of Foreign Affairs doesn't held an online exam. The first exam is written test and it will be held on August, 26th (if I'm not mistaken).

I just pray for my luck. May God help me. Amin.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Being Creative with Your Exhibition Stuffs

When you own a business, Joining trade show exhibits can be a great idea to showcase and sell your products. Promoting your products using a right trade show display, is a best way to attract and gain new potential customers, since it makes individuals aware of your business and what it has to offer.

To make your booth successfull, you need to be more creative. You need to think what you can use and what you can do (effectively) with all the space and stuff you have in your exhibition. However, choosing a right exhibition stuffs is extremely IMPORTANT.

As I ever told in my post before, Camelback Displays, Inc can be your choice. This company has lot experiences in offering every type of exhibits made today, since 1999.
For example, when you think that you can do something with your single table, then you can use a good combination of both table top display and table cover.
What can Camelback help you with this stuffs?
Well, Camelback offers you a huge variety of table top displays. You can choose which best for your exhibitions, from the pop ups one, panel systems, hybrids, briefcase style and more. In addition, you can also buy it on your budget.
Combine with table top display, you can get unique printed table covers or a blank one. Of course you can also use it for a meeting puspose in your office. Just use it as You Love...

As unseparate part of your table, when you need to sit on, you can use Camelback directors chairs. It is very stylish since you can choose the printed one or the left blank. And the good news, whether the material from hardwood or metal, you can still buy it with a factory price. Interesting, huh?

You may not miss this opportunity. Check it out and see what they offers.

Friday, June 12, 2009

When You Are ready to Start Your Exchange Link, now what you really have to do are these:

Once you have designed your own link information and a
resource page to put up the links information from your link
partners, it is time to start asking other blogger to
put Your Link Information on their own links page.

Choosing your link partners for reciprocal link exchange

Think niche. Your blog has a theme, a specialty-
a marketing niche. Choose link exchanges with blog that
have similar themes. If your blog is about handmade
candles then focus on blogs that offer handmade,
handcrafted products. Explore blogs with candle
accessories, home decor, gifts and aromatherapy.

Blogs that offer what you believe your visitors would
enjoy are where you focus your link exchanges. Choose sites
that are complementary to your own, not competitive. The
more closely related the subject of your link partner's
site, the more relevant your own link description will be to
their visitors and to search engines.

Page Rank - the higher the page rank of the site that you
exchange links with, the more impact on search engines.
That does not mean that you should not exchange links with
blogs that only have a page rank of 3 or higher but the
majority of your link exchanges should be with blogs
ranking well with top search engines.

Test your own link popularity - you have already exchanged
links with some blogs and now you want to know if it's
helping you with search engines. I found UpTimeBot usefully
for getting a handle on what's happening with your link
exchange program.

Its disheartening that Google is slow to catch up with your
link exchanges but be persistent in your weekly time to set
up quality reciprocal link exchanges.

The other major search engines will help you with traffic
and link popularity until Google does it's own bit.
Persistence with your link exchange program does pay off!

In the end, Google DOES catch all the hard work and you will
start getting the traffic and page rank your blog

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Start Your Reciprocal Link Exchange!

Once you have designed your own link description, you are
ready to set up your own link exchange program for your
blog. As you will be asking other bloggers to put
your link information on their "links" or "resource" page,
you need to set up your own page for you to place their link
exchange information. This is called reciprocal link

Reciprocal Link Exchange - In essence, you are "swapping
links". It is an even trade. Your text link on one of
their links pages with your URL pointing to your homepage
and you place their text link information on your links page
while setting up their link to connect with their homepage
(index page).

Before you can offer a reciprocal link exchange with another
webmaster, you will often need to show them you have already
put their link information on your blog.

Designate at least one page for your link exchange program.
As your link exchanges grow, you will expand your pages into
different categories. Make sure your link exchange program
is linked to your main page and every page of your blog.
Alphabetize and categorize your listing of reciprocal links.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your Text Link Looks Like

What should your link exchange information look like?

A link exchange program starts with your own unique text ad
under 200 characters full of your key words, don't need
sentences, put most important key words early in the text
ad, check spelling, no "ALL CAPS"
set up in this order:




Your title - A descriptive title for your blog, not
necessarily your domain name but the name you are branding
your site with. There are very strong blogs that use a
title that describes the site rather than the domain name,
again, using strong key words. Others have opted to use a
title that starts with a number or letter "A" so that on
another blog - their text link will appear early in the

Blog Description - Use Overture's Keyword Selector
Tool to refine your text for your blog description. The
more thought and planning you put into your title and
description, the more powerful your link exchange will have
on search engines.

Categorizing your own text link - To save time and energy,
think about what categories your text link would work on
(i.e. work at home recourses, parenting, home decor, time
management - the theme of your blog) because some sites
will want you choose the category that your blog will fit

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Exchange Link, Not Exchange Banner

Every blog needs a link exchange program. Every week,
set aside time to work on your link exchange program to
build up the quality and number of your text links out on
other blogss within your niche market.

Why not exchange banners? Search engines are fueled by
text. Key words and links are what you are creating out on
other blogs. Visitors do indeed check link pages
and your text link on quality sites will generate some
degree of traffic for you. You may like the look of your
banner but when it comes to creating a strong link exchange
program - build your blog description with good key words
and strong title with your URL.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quality Link For Your Website

Almost bloggers or website owners are always look for a better link popularity. And this could be got by Having good quality links in our blog. It is very important, as they give us a high traffics to our blog.

Using a directory submitter will submit your blog to lots of directories, and it will also increase your rankings with some big search engines, such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and others. This way could be the most effective one in making your blogs widely known.

Though you can use an link exchange or text link ad to enhance your link popularity, submitting your blog to web directories is the cheapest one to get a massive traffic.
Directory submitter will increase your link popularity by listing your blog into the relevant categories. Targeting niche categories is our purpose, right?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Selling Text Link

I'm new with making money only by selling text link/keyword. I've read some posts which shown that it is easy and help us earn more money than other online money making such as Paid Per Click and Paid Review.

As we know, paid review is the most popular one nowadays. Every blogger compete each others to win the tight competition in paid review programs. And I do have a little lucky with this program. Blogsvertise is still the best one for me, since I have collect $29 during the time.

Some bloggers (who is lucky with online money making)told that they are succes in text link ads programs. Even, they can get more than $900 a month. How amazing.. It was a great number that I never imagined could be got only from internet.

Honestly, i'm also interested to join in. But I read that Google doesn't like it. Some blogs which done so, have been penalized to Page Rank 0, after they got good Page Rank before.
I worried about it and it make me think twice, more and more to selling text link.

But if you are interested in joining the programs, you can begin with,, and more.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Have you familiar with entrecard? For bloggers who are very concern with traffics, I'm sure that they must know what Entrecard is.
But now, I'm not going to tell about what is entrecard. You can get a lot of informations about it just by googling.
What I want to share about is..., my feeling about Entrecard.

A couple months a go, I am also a person who is very concerns with my blog traffics. And I use entrecard to support what i want.

For some month, It really works for me. But I forgot that it was just a seasonal traffic. When you are not concern with it anymore, you will lose it.
At the time I have no interest in blogwalk and drop some EC by, I've changed my interest in their marketplace.
It's marketplace offers a lot of unique product and service, and all the payment is done with the EC (not dollar).

I've earned some EC in my account, and I though I can change it to dollar by selling it to the devotee. I made my order in marketplace, but what...
Unfortunately, they deleted my market. Hoooohhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Pity.
Looking for some reasons, I heard from some one that it's prohibited to sell your product (especially sell EC) with a real money. Bahhhh....

Then, what is my 1,500 EC for ? Is there someone who want to buy it with only $2 ?? If so, contact me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Works As Consultant isn't As Easy As I Think (Part 2)

But, time goes by, during this 2 years, I've learned a lot.
I've learned many regulations, and found that sometimes, it doesn't support each other. We have face a lot questions from our clients, why this is happens, how about that one, which regulation should we use, and etc.
Based on my experience, finally the conclusion is:
We can't hold only with 1 regulation. Those regulations should support each others. If no, then we have to choose the higher regulation between.
And sometimes, we can't take the main statement directly without any research at all. We still need analize what is tha main statement, what does it means, and what is the purpose...

Hhh... It isn't easy, whereas sometimes we meet people/client who take the regulation and swallowing a story hook. Pity... But then, it is our jobs to give him wider expalanations.

My jobs itself doesn't stop only with learning regulations. I've to fix some module, and make it stay update with the latest regulation.
Actually, it is a tiring jobs, but then... What can I do. I've dealed with this and I earn almost all my income from this.
Then, let it be, right?

Works As Consultant isn't As Easy As I Think (Part 1)

Works in government accounting consultant isn't as easy as I think before.
Two years a go, I thought that it was a simple job, but now, I've changed my opinion.

Worked as a consultant, made you learning more than others does. How don't? You have to make any suggestion for your client,--then, if you are not smarter than him, how can you give him any advise? You are not capable to do it.

I studied about commercial accounting, like many colleges teach most. At that time, I've no idea to study about goverment accounting. We learned it, but it just looks like an introductary of government accounting. No special intention.
I'm good in commercial accounting, but I'm not interested in government accounting at all. Pity!

But directly after my graduation, I enter the field that I don't know before. Yups, my first job is my jobs now, though at the first time I started it as a project secretary.
Now, become a training manager, force me to learn about this accounting at much. At first, It was shocking me. I've learn more about a lot of government regulations, and it's not easy. As I dont have any basic at all.

(....To be Continued - Part 2)

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Bigger Chance For Me in Paid Review Program

I'm glad. Two days ago, there is a bigger chance for me in making money online from paid review.
After being lucky with blogsvertise as they set this money blog into normal status, and got its first review here for about $8, I found that there is a chance to take the same opportunities in Sponsoredreviews.

At that time, I registered this blog when its Page Rank was still 0, and succcesfully rejected. But now, when this blog has made a lot of progress, I come back to make if there was any status changes. Unfortunately and unconciously, I clicked a delete button and as a result, I lost my blog. When I tried to re-registered this money making blog, the system said that this blog is already in their system.

Feeling so confused and dont know what to do, I contact their admin, write a very-polite letter with full of request if there is any chance in re-added my blog and perhaps luckily approve its status. And, Alhamdulilah... In the next day, Jill, one of their admin, informed me that my blog has been re-added and they also approved my blog status. I'm so LuckY!

Then, after those approval, I have a wide opportunities in finding the marketplace and make a bid for some advertisers. Hopefully, this will become a good start in Sponsoredreviews for me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trade Show Displays

Have you already gone to a trade show? If you work as a sales marketing of some product/services, or as a company representative, I'm sure that you are familiar with what a trade show is.
As you can demonstrate and promote your latest product/services there, then you need some displays to fill your trade show booths .
For about ten years till now, Camelback Displays Inc is here to give all you needs for your exhibition. You can get all of your trade show displays needs, as easy as you can imagine.
Some types of trade show displays they offer are pop up trade show displays (from printed to custom one), tabletop displays, panel trade show exhibits, custom panel system, towers, and more.
All those thing are very important for a succesfull exhibition, but then you can't forget the most popular means for your trade show, that is banner stands.
Camelback Displays also give you a lot alternatives to choose your own banner stands, from the standing one, telescoping, hanging, and more. Banner stands with interesting grapic design and full printing, will also attract visitors to come and see what you offer.

How about the partition? In a trade show, you can make a partition/areas in your own booths by using a pipe and drape. Camelback offer their pipe and drape which is made of fire retardant fabrics and alumunium pipe. You can use these for your own display piecee, and no more effort, because they are easy to assembly.

Then, if you use a table within your booths to support your exhibition, don't forget to use Camelback customize designed table skirts. However, choosing the right table cover for your exhibition is also important, right?

Camelbackdisplays is the right place for your one-stop shopping.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

ArcSoft WebCam Companion 2

Last Friday, my friends, ApsDit, asked me to make a fun pic using her WebCam. She used to take a pic by herself using a webcam, since there is no one taking her pic for her. Her webcam is pluged in her Toshiba notebook. Unfortunately, the result is not as good enough as we hoped before. Those pics are not clear, looks like it less light, and we thought it might because the resolution is lower than it should be.
As we dont know how to set it up to the better one, we were give up with the rest results. Suddenly, I remembered, that there is a webcam too in my notebook. My Sony Vaio is plugged with Arcsoft Webcam Companion 2.

We decided too try the webcam and making a fun pics. Because the title is making a fun pics, we play with the funny frame provided. All the frame is funny enough, but unfortunately, it's only can be used with the lower resolution (VGA 640 x 480), whereas there is a 1,3 MP provided.

Look at those pics. Funny right? ^_^ Find, where is I am, where is ApsDit, where is Linda, Where is Nindya?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Blogsvertise is still the Best One for Me!

Reading some post about the decreasing number of jobs from paid review broker in my friends's blog, make me thingking that this world is soooooo hard. How not? Getting more money become so difficult nowadays.

But, though the condition is worse now, I'm still feeling glad, that blogsvertise still gives me a trust and chance, to earn more money from blog review.
After they put my happy family blog status to normal one (not in probabtion anymore), they give me a review cost $7.5. What a high amount, after I just got $2 before. ^_^

And it doesn't stop there. After I submitted my task, fortunately, I found a grab bag task as much as $7.5. (it is recommended to login to your blogsvertise account every day, to found a grab bag task beside your blog list). Of course I didn't let it pass away. I took the chance, and now, both of my job, have been approved already. Nice...

For me, blogsvertise is still the best one, since I've earned $ only from it. Other paid review broker didn't approved my blog in joining with them, as somehow blogspot domain is no longer accepted in their system. Pity.... Though blogspot is no longer accepted, I still don't have any willling to change it into my custom domain. Have no experience with it and still learn about it. Maybe someday..
Right now, try to be satisfied only with blogsvertise....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Blog Advertising Works

Today is an online world. Internet is used as a powerful tools to get everything what you want, wether information, friends,love and even money. Browsing, chatting, and blogging become so familiar nowadays. Blogging itself has become the favourite one, since it accomodates all of our idea, expression, thought, and more. People can express what they thing, what they know, by interacting each other through theirs blog.

Since usually blog is published on all sort of topics depending on the author (blogger) interest, it is used to be a special place to acquire a lot of knowledge on spesific field. Blogger realize that they will contribute a lot of advices, for their readers, and even for the advertisers. Here you will see that moreover, blog has become a good mean in persuade the reader.

Realizing that blog may become an effective way in encouraging the readers (and even boost the advertisers website's traffic), a lot advertisers take a chance in promoting their product/service/website through a blog review. And the blogger will review what they offer by writing it in their post. That is how blog advertising works.

This marketing strategy is the best one in promoting the website, as it's cheaper and more effective than the other one. Instead of printing more materials and distributed around by making a leaflet, brochure, blog marketing help the environment by not making a garbage leafted by printed and less expensive than paying the television ads.
Then if you are ready, lets get paid to blog.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back For A Moment

Finally, I'm back here, again, though just for a moment, refresh from a boring - routine activity. Bahhhh....

Almost 1 month I dont make any progress in blogging, though it just only post an article, and even just for blogwalk... But, for this one month, I found a lot of interest thing, while doing some browsing activity.

I found some new paid review program (though I'm sure it's not a new one, but I found it just now), such as adreviewcamp (paid review program from Indonesia), payperpost, and more more more...

Maybe I will share it later, one by one per post. Wait for another unoccupied time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Page Rank : 2

How wonderful...

I still can't believe it. Today I found that my page rank achieved the number of 2. Huray huray huray....

I am still wondering how it can be like this. I realize it when I checked my blog opportunities in paying post, and go to manage blog menu, I saw that My Google Page Rank is 2.
How surprised!!

Still cant believe it, I go to, typed my url, and ......
Yes, it's true!. My making money online Blog Page Rank is 2. I'm so happy with it, whereas in the recent days, I was blogging lazyly, as for about 4 months my page rank was still in big zero.
And this also works in my jilbab swarna blog and also my happy family blog. Both of them also get Google Page Rank 1.

Getting The 2 Google Page Rank, it means that I could take an advantage in joining more paid review programs. Thats what I really want, unless before, they rejected my blog because it was still a big zero rank.

But, beside this happiness, I should do my big homework in reconstruct this blog. However, blogroll is still become my first job.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Blog is Under Construction

Hi Everyone...

This blog is still under construction, due to a preparation to a new layout and I'm still learning about how it works...
I'm so sorry that until now I have no time to fix the error in my blogroll. So, please be patient until i find the solution. Cheerrsss... ^_^

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My BlogRoll is Gone

Oh God, I've made a mistake. When trying to try a new template, some of my widget has been deleted. When I try to recover it like before, my blogroll data was not come back...

Help me...
Dear friends, who have already make an exchange link with me, please confirm me again your blog link.... Please...

I dont wanna loose yooouuuuuu

Rejected... Oh God! How Pity...

Tonight, socialspark emailed me and informed that They were unable to approve my blog.
God... How pity I am...

But, strangely, they just write it like this

Happiness and Love,

The SocialSpark Team



An IZEA Innovation

Dont know what it means. One thing that I understand, that I'm getting so dizzy....
Good bye money making online...


Today, during my jobhours, I registered my self in
Socialpark is a website that offer some opportunities in making money online with a few ways.
Not only offer a paid review program, but also CPC, Spark, Spon adn Affiliate.
So, I think its innovative and creative making money program.

I'm interested in join in, and this blog, my money making online blog, is still waiting for approval.
Trully hope that this can be an alternative way in boosting my earning. Amin.
Just wait and see.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oase in Desert, When Making Money is Really Hard

Wow... How busy... I do feel that it's so difficult to earn money, both offline and online. Puuuhhhhh....
Almost 1 month I leave my blogging world, no more article posting (or even just a heart sharing), and no more blogwalking.... :(
Sorry for them who have alreay blogwalked to my blog.... I still have no time to do the same.

I was very busy with my office jobs. Due to some reason, I have to add my job hours. Even, I had to work overtime during the night until morning came. ... God, It's so difficult to earn money. :(

But, another happy news come... I've got another review this month. Its about credit card processor. Thanks Blogvertise. I love You SO Much!. Although still wonder, do I have done a good review????

Real profits also come from my side jobs in rumah jilbab cicha.. Some customers finally buy some of the products. Thanks God. It like an oase in a desert. ^_^

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Paid To Click

As I told in my post, I joined the money making program with PTC at first. Due to some reason, I just joined one PTC only, that is indoptc.
However, I do this because I just want to try how it works. And Indoptc has become my choice, because it founded by Indonesian. I love Indonesia!!

During the time, untill now, I've collected $4 in my account, which comes from my own clicks and also my direct referrals too. Don't be so wonder why it's just a litle at hands. It just because I'm a lazy person... Sometimes I forgets to click my ads.., though I connect with Internet almost every day.

But, that's not what I want to share about here. I just wanna share that, till now, I still can't cashout my earnings, due to a reason:.
I'm late. Cashout are limited for standart member. And I AM a STANDARD Member. I still don't want to upgrade it into premium, because I dont want to invest in something that I haven't proofen it by myself. Maybe later...

Though what I can do now is just waiting for the reopen cashout, I'm still not sure that I can do it smoothly. What I can't understand is the management often change the rule. For example, right now the minimum cahsout $3, but at the other time, changed become $5, and bla bla bla....

Yeah,,,, wahatever. Just wait and see.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm sorry...

For about a week, I was busy with my office assignment. And it made I had no time in blogging.

Sorry, sorry and sorry... And now I'm back. Though, dont know what I'm going to write again, but now, just only say... Here, I'm Back...

Forgive me (Dont know what to say!)

Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Change No Follow To Do Follow

In order to campaign a do follow blog, this time I'm gonna share a little bit information about how to change a nofollow blog become do follow. Although I'm sure that everyone has already knew about it. ^_^

Here are the steps:
1. Go to the Layout tab, and then "Edit HTML"
2. Remember to backup your template first, in order to avoid an errors.
3. Check List the expand template widget
4. Then find: rel='nofollow', usually appears with the following command like below:

5. You may delete the word rel='nofollow', or change 'nofollow' to 'external', then the command became:


6. You should find the command below too:

7. Delete 'nofollow' or change it to 'external', then the command become like below:


You may choose what you better like, and done!. Your blog now is a do follow blog. ^_^

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Blog is Do Follow Blog

Oh ho ho ho...
It's a hard choice, but I admit that it's one of my oppurtinities to do it right now.
As I wrote in my post before about do follow, one and others, have an advantage and disadvantage in setting up the blog tag as do follow blog.
But Finally, I decide to setting it up as a dofollow blog, because I wanna be a friendly blogger, who provide an automatically backlink for my commentator. It's one way to show up that I would like to say thank you for them who have already read my post and leaved a comment.

In the other hand, in order to avoid getting a spammer in comment's box, I've decided to make the commenting process throug my moderation. So, if I think they comments indicate a spam, I'm still able in deleting the comment. Sorry...

Looking back for the references, I've decided it after read some article in my friends blog about the advantage of setting up the tag blog as do follow. The, I try it. I take a risk that maybe Uncle Google doesn't like it. But after all, I just want prove what I believe, that being a nice and friendly blogger, will help us in many other ways.

So, if u like this post, please help me to campaign do follow blog, to be a nice and friendly blogger, to increasing a friendship, even more back link and wish a good Page Rank.

Some of Them Have Deleted My Blog Link

What will you feel when your blog link is Deleted, with SomeOne who has already asked an exchange link with You?

It's happen with me. How SAD.
Though I use a blogroll and exchange link not only to increase my link, but also to keep in contact with my friend. Even, I often leave a comment there, just to say that I care with them, I care with what they write about.
But then, what they do to me? Is it because my blog hasn't got any page rank - or Big Zero?
It's so cruel for me.

Some of my friends have already deleted my link in their blogroll. I was so surprised and a little bit dissapointed.
However, I do still keep it all in my blogroll. I've no ideas wether I should do the same thing to one who have already done it to me, or not?

Any advice? What should I do? Should I deleted it back?? Is it polite?

But however I'm so glad that I still have a loyal friend like "mr golspektakuler - sumartono" who often leaves me a comment.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Alexa is Going Down

Happy.. today my alexa is going down. Huray... ^_^
It reachs around 800.000 now. It means a number of unique visitors to my blog is increasing. :)

However, it's became a good news for me, as my chance to join a paid review program is bigger. (The main target in making money online)
But, unhappily, My Page Rank doesn't move at all. It is still a BIG ZERO. :( How sad...

I still don't understand, what is the requirement to meet the standart of Google in increasing a Page Rank? Does the age of the blog become one of valuation? If so, it's became true that I still got the BIG ZERO, because this blog is under 60 days old. It's still brand new... ^_^

But, it's okay. I'm going to wait my page rank patiently, and during the time, I'm going to manage this blog as better.
If you have any way/experience in increasing Google Page Rank, let me know, guys..

Campaign One Post Per Day

I think it's a time to start to more concentrate in build this blog. However, I do feel jelous (in positive way) for my friends blog who have already stayed in this blog world, and earn much, much, much and more money from that. :(
And I don't make any progress at all.

A few recent days, i do ignore this blog at all. I was very busy with my job as a government accounting consultant. Hhhh... However, the job has made me very tired, then I don't have any time to manage both of this blog and Rama's blog at all.

But from now, InsyaAllah, I do need to declare a campaign to make minimum one post a day. I need to do it to increase the quality of my blog... ???? (Could it be???? Hehehe...)
But the most important thing that, I need to do this because sometime I do feel ashamed to some of my friends like "sumartono - mr golspektakuler" who always ask and remind me to write a post. ^_^

So, it's time to campaign one post/day. Chaiyo...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Earn Money Again With Paid Review

Earn Money Again With Paid Review

Alhamdulilah. After waiting for less one month, I earn my second $2 again, from paid review., where I earn my first $2 for about 1 month ago.

The story starts when yesterday, I got an email from blogsvertise, which say that a task assigned in my account to review about a website, with $2 as payment.
But blogsvertise asked that a review should be posted in my other blog "Happy Family, Rama Abi Umi". (I submitted both of my blog there).

Actually i wonder why it should be posted there, because, in my opinion, this blog has more fresh content and also a better alexa, compared with that one. Although the blogs status are approved, but an assigned task always come for "Happy Family" blog, whereas the blog is all talk about my story in being a happy mommies for my beloved son, Rama.

Pointing from relevancy contents, I think this blog is more relevant with the review I done, but however... The possible reason appears in my mind why they dont assign the task here is, because this blog is new and doesn't appear to be at least 60 days old as they require in paid review... :(

But, it's okay. However, I still did it. Because its all about "money", huh??? ^_^
Finally i reviewed about a real estate realtor.. I do it in a half an hours, then submitted that task. Now I just wait for an approval.

Wish that $2 dollar will become in hand. Not at much those value, but i'm commitment in starting to earn money online, step by step, from newbie to expert, and from lowest, to highest.... (Hohoho.... Hope much about it!!!). ^_^

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Solution For Excel 2007 and 2003 Crashed on Vista

Solution For Excel 2007 Crashed on Vista

I've always used Microsoft Office Excel in doing some of my job, especially if its about earn money (from real world.... ^-^ ). Excel is one of my favorite application, and i've done a lot of my job using this aplication. It helps me much in doing some of calculation data, as accounting is one of my jobs in the office.

Using excel during almost whole of my life, I never found any problems, till those day come. I still remember that at that time, my company gave a notebook to all of staff. And I'm done with Sony Vaio, which is integrated with Bluetooth. But, In the next time, this bluetooth have already made me very frustated.

How dont, if every time I opens my workbook (excel 2007), there were always crashes appears. Everytime I tried to close excel, or trying to open a new workbook, excel was always trying to do some recovery as if Excel having some crash problem. And that was always happen during my time in using an Excel 2007.

Someday, I tried to remove Excel 2007 and replace it with the lower version, Excel 2003, hopping that it will solve the problem. But what? The same problems appeared again. The appearing error message was :

“Microsoft Office Excel has stopped working” with problem event name : APPCRASH
and bla bla bla bla bla....
I wonder and guess, might be it because the new operating system, windows Vista Business. I've thought to remove it and change it to Xp, but notice that I dont have the original windows, I don't do that.

Looking for other alternative solution, finally I found the right one, after googling in internet. So, if you have the same problem with Excel like this, you may follow the step below:

1. Firts of all, you must ensure that you log on to your computer as an administrator, else you cant continue with this step.
2. When you are administrator, click "start" icon in windows, go to regedit (you may type it in search windows start menu) -- type regedit and then enter.
3. It will appears a small window with the message " windows need permission", and you can click "continue".
4. At Regedit Browser, navigate your choice to: computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\BtOfficeIntegration.1
3. If you done with it, at the right coloumn you may see "Name" and you should twice click on LoadBehaviour. When value appears, change the number of "3" become "0", then click ok. You may see that your LoadBehaviour value become 0×00000000(0).
5. Close regedit window, and try to reopen your Excel. It will work normally. (I hope so - because it done with me)

Happy Try...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vacation And Travelling

Do you feel tired and bored sometimes when earn money? Yeah.. its natural, guys. Almost people felt it, even a workaholic person.

Then, what will yo do with that? Leave it like that, or doing something to refresh you?
Might be the second choice have became the most one. ^_^ The next question is, what kind of activity u will do to refresh your mind and maybe, your body too?

I'm going to answer the question. Do some vacation and Travelling. :)
It will be so Nice.
But... how if we earn money, but don't have much to spent it on vacation, and travel ? Don't be so worry. We may still do it, but in abother way... How?

Vacation and Travel can be done through internet. You still can see a lot of interesting place without spending a lot money, even for free (you just need to pay for internet connection charge ^_^)

If U are interested in, you may go to Vacation And Travel Blog. There are a lot photos about intersting place in the world. It also can be made as your consideration when you need to choose which place do you want to go.
For example, Italy. You may find a lot of interesting place here, completeted with the picture. Cool.
You may also read any suggested hotel there by the author. Find it, choose, and have a nice travel (although its only from your own chair)! ^_^

Friday, February 13, 2009

Indonesian Election 2009

Countdown time to Indonesian Election 2009. Hip hip huray...!! Its a time to choose a leader for the next 5 years. Who will win this tight competition? Hmmm. ^_^

Like my friends said in his blog, hurlyburly politics situation is also reached blogging world. As a kind blogger, we also need to support our Indonesian election, like its slogan: Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009.

It seems he is also join the SEO contest about Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009. A lot of webmaster and blogger follow this contest. The award looks so luxurious.. IDR 5 million. Wow...

As a good Indonesian people, and as a good newbie blogger, me myself, full support to Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009.

Create An Article Marketing to Earn More Money

Create An Article Marketing to Earn More Money

Familiar in making article marketing? Me? Nope. ^_^
Knowing about it just now. I read some article in a website, and it told about how to make an article using an instant wizard. The author said it help us much at the time when we draw a blank in writing an article. Interested, huh? Me? I do! :)

Using a dark background with snow raining, this website attract me to read more the article. I found many useful tips and information there, talking about SEO, Adsense, JavaSCripts, PHP, and lots.

Not only that, actually I like this website because the webmaster promote one of Indonesian lovely place, Batam. It seems that the webmaster is Indonesian (like me.. n_n ). Although I never get there, I still can see how Mesjid Raya Batam Centre is and Jembatan Barelang is. Free vacation, huh? ^_^

Personalize Your Web With Gadgets

Personalize Your Web With Gadgets

Do you have ever knew about what is gadget? According to wikipedia, gadget is small technological object (such as a device or an appliance) that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are invariably considered to be more unusually or cleverly designed than normal technology at the time of their invention. Gadgets are sometimes also referred to as gizmos.

Have already use it in your web/blog? If dont, you now may consider to try it on your own web.
Use some attractive gadget may attract your visitor. Or You may use it to personalize your Google Home Page.

Gadgetsdirectory Give You More. You can browse a lot of gadgets by its category. For example, If you love playing game, you may look in game category to find what u want.
It's so simple. You can add it directly to your website, Add to Your Google, Customize it, or maybe just wanna now the xml languange.

There are a lot of gadget that u can use and browse. So, be happy with a handy gadget.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome My Alexa Rank

Welcome Alexa. You are always welcome with a warm hand... ^_^
Yup... finally.. after wait for a few days after installing alexa toolbar in my browser, just a few hours ago, my alexa rank finally appears there, in my widget. So Happy... :)

At the first time I installed it, my alexa didn't show anything. It's said no data available. It's because not enough data for my blog because my blog are still new and don't have any unique visitors at all. (At that time, the only visitor was I am. ^_^ )

But day by day, visiting other blog/web who install an alexa toolbar in their browser, however increasing my alexa rank. Burnt up with the number of my alexa and wanna see the detail, I go to Google search engine, type in my url in it, and after my url shown there, I was pointing my mouse to a grafic line before my url to look over how much is my alexa. It still around 20 million. Puphhhh... :P

There is a time where I was so happy, when finally my widget showed that my alexa rank is 9. Of course I was happy, right? It means my rank is good. But, lately I found that, because of not enough data, the 9 number shown that is rank for blogger (blogspot domain). :(

Still waiting, day by day, slowly but steady, my alexa rank is better. Blogwalking to other blog who have already instal alexa help me increase it. Graphic alexa in search engine (my alexa widget still didnt work) show my alexa reached the number of 5 million. Surprisingly.... n_n

And finally, todal, my lovely widget show it. My alexa rank now is around 2 million. Hmmmmhmmm... I'm happy. It means that it's closer reaching my target to earn more money online. :)

What is Alexa Rank?

What is Alexa Rank? Don't know about alexa? Is it about a pretty girl? Hahaha... No - No. You wrong...
Come on, guess... what is Alexa?...
Still dont know? Hey, guys... where are you from? (Hehehe... n_n . just kidding, bro!)

I am sure that by surf and browse in search engine, you will know directly what is alexa. however, just for you who didn't want to waste any time browsing in search engine, here I explained to you.

Alexa rank gives you information about a web traffic. Alexa Rank is given by Alexa web who count a number of unique visitors who uses an alexa toolbars. Alexa ranks the web which use an alexa toolbar and also the visitor's web who use an alexa toolbar. For example, my blog use an alexa toolbars and its widget, so if your web use it too, and unconciously visit my blog, it will increase both of our alexa rank.

Is it Important? Yes of course. Alexa Rank give you some benenfits. Such as:
1. Alexa helps you give information about the web's quality and popularity.
2. Alexa help you in increasing Page Rank too. Some fact said that Google still use it as a measurement to increase/decrease a Google Page Rank
3. Alexa help you to be accepted in online money making program.

If you want to reach a high Page Rank, I think you need to consider installing alexa toolbar (you can download here)in your browser, and set your web as a default homepage. So everytime you open a browser, it will helps hitting your alexa rank.
Alexa toolbar is already compatibel with Firefox and IE. So, you just need to download it for free.
You may also set an Alexa widget in your web. It will show you the number of your alexa rank. However, the less number shown there , it means better Rank..

Happy try!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DoFollow, People Said It's Effective Icrease Backlink

Do Follow, I found this term just a couple days a go. Familiar with it, guys? If u join blogging world not in a short time, I'm sure that u have already now about it.
As a newbie blogger, I dont really understand about what is do follow and no follow. Just in 3 hours a go, I found an interseting article explained about what is do follow clearly...

We have already know that to increase our ranking, and increase a back link, we can make an exchange link, submit ur blog to social bookmarking, and leave a comment to others blog.

Well, in real, there is some fact that wrote a comment in other blog, doesn't usually made a back link to our blog.. Thats because most of blogs still set a no follow tag in their comment form. Dofollow tag enable a backlink to some blog who leave a comment in dofollow blog, and this backlink will appears in Google search engine, although the keyword u typed don't match with your post/blog.
More indexed in Google page, it's more effective to increase your blog popularity.
If we think from that conclusion, you must be thinking that WE MUST SET OUR BLOG To DO FOLLOW blog, right?

Don't so in hurry, please.. There are also appears disadvantages from set a do follow tag in blog. It is said that Google doesn't like this do follow tag because Google deemed it as spam. And as a result, it makes our Page Rank down.

Then Finally, it's became our choice to set our blog became no follow or do follow tag. However, setting up it in do follow tag will increase the number of visitor, but in the other hands, uncle Google doesn't like it. Which one will u choose...??

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blogwalking, Increase Blog Traffic

Just a couple days ago, I finally realize that blogwalking will increase blog traffic. Funny, right? Well, I know that you must be thinking I might be just came back from the moon... ^_^

This realization came when 2 days a go, in weekend, however, I visited my friends blog and unconsiusly saw his live traffics, and found that there are so many visitors come from all over the world. Became so burnt up, I traced down his blog, and found his shoutmix/shoutbox is full with blogger who say hello and just blogwalk..
They leave a message, with hope the blogmaster will visit their blog as a return. n_n

And finally, I follow this. I visit the bloggers who are leave the message in those shoutmix, go to their blog, leave a message and just say hello in shoutbox, and --stay if there are something interesting or pass by if there are nothing attract me--.

Just only in a hours, all of them (who I visit and leave message in) visit my blog and say hello too. Now, just look at the live traffic, I do have same visitors from all over the world. ^_^

It means that blogwalking can increase your traffic. Even that they might be just in a minute on your blog, but it will help increase the number of your blog hit. :)

You can blogwalk use the way I tell above, or might be u can use a social bookmarking site like blogcatalog/mybloglog. Being a member of this social site, u may found a lot of member and blogwalk to others blog. Leave a message, and leave a url, hope they will blogwalk to ur blog too.

Happy blogwalking!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Set Up Your Adsense Account

Set Up Your Adsense Account

As My friend, scarletbreeze, ask about how to begin with adsense, now... it's time to retell my story about how to begin with adsense. Hope scarletbreeze read it.. n_n

AdSense is basically a pay-per-click/pay-per-impression program, i.e.. You will earn a few dollars if a lot of traffic is there to your site or if a visitor at your site clicks on the ad/link that is interesting him and gets redirected to the page displayed by the ad.

Where could you sign up for google adsense program? You may begin with Google adsense signup page, and like I said in My post before, it will be easy for you if you have a gmail ID. Here to signup.

After you sign up, you may check your inbox to see that there are a verify email from Google. After you've verified your email addres, Google staff will review your application and giving a follow up to you within the next 2-3 days. If you are accepted to join the program, then you will be able to log into your Adsense account, generate the ad codes, copy and paste it to your blog (in html) wherever you want the ads to appear.
There are also a lot of formatted ads to choose. Feel free to use it and earn more money. ^_^

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Link Your Site and Linked Me Back

I Link Your Site and Linked Me Back

Have you ever read my post about the importance of Exchanging Link?? If so, Do you want to make an exchange link to my blog? Feel free to ask it. All you want to do is post your url blog and what name do you want to state in my blogroll here. then, linked me back to your blog by adding my url and name like this:

url name :
name stated : 2 EARN MONEY FOR NETTER

notify me, by post a comment again here, or shout in my shoutmix. Or you may send your notification by email to

Let's BUILD Our Link KingdOM

The Importance Of Exchanging Link

Build a link in a lot of site is good to increase your blog rank (right, master??) And even, if your blog linked in a site which has a good ranking (such as PR 1 and more), therefore your blog rank will increase too.

But, almost newbie blogger didn't know that linked your blog in a well-ranked site is not the only way to increase a rank. You must remember about increasing your traffic. Which means that increase a lot number of visitors to your blog.

Another way to reach it is don't forget your fellow blogger. Offering an exchange link to newbie blogger, and build it as a friendship, will help you to maintain your loyal visitors.
Always say hello and give a comment in their blog, will make your visitor always come back to see what's update in yours, indeed they might be only say hello too.

So, An Exchange Link is another way too Increase a Traffic. If you want to ask an exchange link with me, CLICK HERE

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Begin with Adsense

Begin With Adsense

Have you been interested in reading my post about earn money with adsense? If yes, Now it's your time to try and begin with adsense.

First thing that youneed to do is you must have an email account in gmail. Why? Because Adsense in one of Google programs and, if you want to start with Adsense, it's a must to have an account wich is affiliate with Google. Right??

After you have a gmail account, the second thing you must have is a blog/site. Joining adsense is more simple than others money online program, bacause adsense don't ask you to have a blog form minimum post 30 days old. Even if you are a newbie, and just have a blog for recent 1 hours, you can join this program.

The third one is "sign up" in adsense programs. How? Read my next post..

Earn Money With Adsense

Earn Money With Adsense

Have you ever heard about adsense, guys? Adsense is one of the most popular and famous ways to earn money online.
Based on my opinion, adsense is an affiliate program too, between advertisers and blogger/webmaster which in some way, blogger will earn money from advertisers for each clicked ads where Google acts as a mediator among them. It means that if somebody has clicked an ads in some blog, therefore the blogger will earn money from it.

So, how this thing work? And what is the benefit from adsense program, for blogger and for advertiser?
Adsense will be only displayed in some blog which has same/similar topic with the ads. For example, if blogger post about money online, the displayed ads will have the same/similar topic with money online too, such as PTC, PTR, and more.
The displayed ads will shortly explain about the site with an interesting senteces and words. Of course it will attract people interest to surf and click those ads.

From an advertisers view, it is one way to increase their site's traffic and also increase their income. They will pay some money to Google for this advertisement, according to how much ads have been clicked. And of course, Google will give the blogger benefits too for displaying this ads in their blog/site.

Sounds easy, right? Yup. It's true!
The money circle is sound quite simpe, but you must underlined that it's not easy to earn money by attract people to click an ads in your blog. Because there are a lot of Term Of Policies has been made that you can't click your own ads, ask somebody else to click, persuade someone else to click, and etc. If you do this, your account will be BANNED.
That's why I said that it's not an easy as we think about.
But, It's okay. Then, the right thing that you need to do is just wait and see... ^_^

Monday, February 2, 2009

Paid To Review, Another Chance To Earn Money Online

Paid To Review, Another Chance To Earn Money Online

As I wrote in my recent post, I have already tried to join some Paid Review program. Have you ever heard about it ? It's very popular in blogger community all over the world today as an alternative chance to earn money online.

Simply said that Paid Review is an affiliate program between blogger and ads/broker. Here ads/broker go between bloggers (as a publisher) and advertisers. The advertisers will pay bloggers some money as a result of some reviews to their site/product in blogger's post.

There are a lot of site who offered you this kind of program. A detailed list you may see in my next post.
Generally, you will earn money depends on how good is your blog ranking. A blog ranking may be shown by alexa rank or page rank.
If your blog PR are 0, you may earn 2-10$ per review, and you will earn more if your PR is 1 or more.

How To Build LInks to Your Website for Free

Do you have built a website and now all you need is traffic, right? Here is 5 ways how to build links to your website, and increase your sales. Building links to your site is useful for two main reasons. One, too build traffic to your site and two to increase your site ranking in the eyes of the search engines.

1. Directory submissions - As soon as you have established your site, submit it to at least the three major directories - Google, Yahoo and MSN. Then do a search for website directories around and submit them to as many as you can. Most directories are free so take advantage of these valuable incoming links.

2. Write Articles - In your niche will show audiences of other websites that your are an expert in the field and hence provide you with valuable one way links back to your site once the reader has been impressed by your initial articles. Free article directories like Ezinearticles is the perfect place to start.

3. Social posting - Sites like Stumbleupon, Digg, Technorati are great for bookmarking your site so that people with the same interests can view your site. It also give the opportunity to allow people to give your site ratings. If your niche is popular then, socially bookmarking your site may equal many views of your one way link back to your website.

4. Start blogging - Blogging is a great and easy way to keep your website up to date. The search engines love fresh material, so when you make a post to your blog, certain functionality will notify the search engines and other directories that you have posted new content. If you haven't start a blog on your site today by downloading the free blog engine from Wordpress.

5. Video submissions - With the power of the Internet these days more people are watching video and choosing to view how to do things, rather than read about it. This is the perfect opportunity for you to create a helpful videos and upload it to sites such as YouTube, where you can once again point a link back to your website.

Of course these are just some of the free and easiest ways how to build links back to your site. This means that when people search for things on Internet, your site will be higher ranked and appear higher in the search results than lower ranked sites. Start building at least 2 links per day to your site, and within a few months you should see a good stream of traffic back to it.

Took like its origin from by John Domenico

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission

Why do site's owners need to submit their web/blog to search engine?? Because search engine is same like an internet marketing tools which is very popular among netter. As a marketing tools, serach engine is able to attract potential visitors to come to their site.

How does search engine works in helping increase traffics to some sites? Imagine that you are a person who don't know anything about a thing that you wanted, and you are looking for some information by typing a keyword. Only in a second, search engine will list a great number of sites which have the same keyword with what you type in.
The top ten list site in the first page, is attracting visitor more than the others one.

Then, how make your site in thetop ten list search engine? Submit your site to it. Generally, good rangking is not always synonymous with being listed in first page. The site owner should consider about the proper information and some specific keyword which best describe your site.

Use a well experienced advertisement service provider can help you much to get a good positioning in search engine. They shall be responsible to linking your site to top search engine areas. Of course it will spent you more money than using a free submission. But however, using an expert advertisers with a proper submission, will increase your quality traffics and of course, it helps you earn more money.

Keyword Optimization Will Increase Your Traffic

Keyword Optimization Will Increase Your Traffic

As I mentioned in my recent post, to increase a traffics, you need a keyword that best describe your own blog to the world.
This is an free article which I took from

"Keyword optimization if done correctly can significantly increase the flow of traffic to any website. In fact keyword research is one of the most critical aspects of preparing a website before it goes online.

To properly optimize your site for the search engines careful selection of the keywords you want to use is important. The right selection will result in a steady flow of traffic to your site. If however you choose words that are not relevant or perhaps overly popular your site can drown in a sea of obscurity.

Choosing the right combination of words around which you can build your site will require plenty of keyword research. Let's have a look at certain specifics you'll need to consider when selecting those keywords that will best benefit your site.


Focusing on exactly what it is your site offers develop a list of words that describe your site, its content or its purpose. A keyword tool, many of which are available online for free, can help you dig further into this list with related words or terms. It is very important that the words you select ACCURATELY describe your site.

Consider this your # 1 rule when optimizing with keywords.


To further develop a deeper list of keywords use your keyword tool to find phrases that may incorporate words relevant to your site. Instead of using a keyword like 'find real estate' you could use 'find real estate in Chicago'. Keyword phrases or long tailed keywords like this are advantageous to use for a couple of reasons. These types of keyword phrases are more descriptive. Long tail keywords are usually less competitive since the description is more precise and not appropriate for a more 'general' search. Another advantage here is that anyone searching on a very clearly defined set of keywords is usually 'HIGHLY TARGETED' traffic. Yet another advantage is it is usually easier to rank higher with the search engines when using long tailed keywords due to the lack of competition.


The domain name of your site should again ideally be descriptive of your website. Online marketing involves quickly capturing the attention of potential customers before they click away. Having a domain name that is concise but descriptive of your online business
would be great however it is sometimes difficult to find something available that would be appropriate. In lieu of the 'perfect' domain name again conduct a little keyword research here to find a phrase or synonym that would be both catchy and descriptive.


The use of inbound links benefits a website in two ways, additional traffic and a higher profile (and favor) with the search engines. Capturing this inbound traffic normally requires the use of links to your site located off site. You may put them in articles or perhaps have them in a signature file you use at a forum or social site.
Wherever you choose to place these links be sure to use a keyword from your website in the anchor text. Say for example you sell 'dog food' at your website you can use a link such as 'Dog Food Depot' to attract traffic to your site. Search engines love inbound links such as these that use both keywords and are descriptive. This 'love' usually results in a higher search engine ranking.


When conducting your website optimization with keywords avoid the temptation of using your selected keywords too often. Placing them where appropriate and when they look natural within the sentence structure is ALWAYS recommended.

If your keyword optimization is completed correctly you will see a boost in your traffic and search engine ranking. By choosing a list of descriptive words and phrases and using them wisely you will have established a solid foundation upon which you can build your online business"

This article has been written by TJ Philpott.

My First Adsense

My First Adsense

Finally, Google uncle accept my proposal to be a member of adsense. Hohohoho...^_^ It means that a chance to earn money from internet is getting bigger and bigger.

It said that Google will give us a cheque if our earning from adsense reach a minimum payout for about 100$. But, when we will get it?

A senior-master-blogger said that just be patient. Don't be so ambitious. Let money come to yours by itself.
And the most important thing is "DON't TRY TO CLICK YOUR ADS YOURSELF and DON'T TRY TO HAD other PEOPLE CLICKS on IT", or INSTEAD your ACCOUNT will be BANNED. :(

IF your adsense account is banned, you have no more chance to earn more money from adsense. AND finally, say Good Bye ...ADSENSE.

Be Friends With Google

Be Friends with Google...

Yup, you have to be friends with Google if you want to increase your traffics to your site/blog. Is there any way to do that..??
Based on the article I have read about that there are some ways to be friends with Google.
The 1st one is optimize your metatag which include meta keywords and meta description.
Meta keywords is some words used to be keys belong to your site. Means that if somebody click your keywords in search engine, the will be directly pointed to your site/blog.
Meta description is a description of your blog which will helps to introduce your blogs content to search engine.

The second one is make a lot of backlink to others site/blog who is more popular and have a lot of traffics than yours.

The third one.. Hm, I am still looking for the other ways. I promise that I will read some articles, and if it's possible, I would co-pas them to this blog as a useful information.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reasons start to write a blog

Joining a discussion about the reasons why we write a blog, make me thinked and remembered why do I start writing a blog.
Maybe my earlier post will remind me that one of the reason to start a blog is to earn money.
But is it money the one and only reason?

However, I have to be honest to my self that a desire to blogging is purely come from my husband. Yup. It's came a few months after having my Rama in the world.
I'm proudly introduce my son to the world at here

The next reason is earn money. Although it's still a trial time, but I need to prove it by myself.
But Somehow, I often ask to my self. Why do i obsess to earn money from internet, indeed that i can't eat money. Right ???

Well, maybe the answer is earning money helps me have the ability to buy something to eat. Hahahha... :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Earn My First 2$

Earn My First 2$

Finally, I earn my first 2$ from internet. Hohoho... ^_^ But how?
Thanks for blogging. Yups... blogging helps me earn more money, and now I prove it.

Maybe it sounds so funny for expert blogger. I'm sure that they have already earned more and much more money than me. It's okay. I am just gonna share it.

Simply, I got it from a program called PTR. Paid To Review. What is PTR? You may read in my next post.
Right now, I just want to tell that finally, blogvertise assigned me a task to review a website. Read my review HERE.

Although that those 2$ is still waiting for approval, I'm still so happy with it. Reviewing a website in English helps me improve my English again. Hopefully, this blog is worthed. :)

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product (2)

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product (2)

This is my second post about earn money from home by selling a yashmack. The next steps I will share about is promotion. Yes, PROMOTION! Promotion is very important for your business, especially for a very newbie entreprenaur.
Then, how to promote your product?

Promoting a product can be done by several ways. "Mouth to mouth" or using some visual tools. Generally, "mouth to mouth" works effectively, especially if there are a crowded environment in your place. It works because people often trust in a testimonial proof than a visual tools. This persuading methods works more effective if the persuader (a person who has already tried the yashmack, and feel satisfied with it) promotes the yashmack in her own group. Generally, people are more interested in their friends testimonial.
Promoting yaschmack in some area by using this alternative way can be done in some group activity such as "pengajian, arisan, and PKK" --> what it is in English??

Another alternative one to promote your product is using a virtual tools, such as flier and banner. Both of them are the cheapest tools and reachable especially for newbie enterpreneur.
To promote a yashmack, you can set your banner in your home, trough the crowded street, or maybe strew your fliers in some crowded area. Make your banner and fliers fully eye catching, to attract people interests.

Finally, after promoting your product, then its time to sit and wait for your first customers, and also wait for your first earning. Have a nice try! ^_^

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product

As I wrote in my recently posted, moslems fashion has become a trend, and the request is increasing days to days. So, it is one of alternative ways to earn more money from home.
I said home because it was a good start for n newbie reseller to begin builts their business. "Start from your closest environment!!".

My suggested steps below is succeded done in my own way. They are:

1. Start from choosing what kind of product that you really want to sell. It is important to analyze, according to who is your customers, what is their interest, how big the market, how much price which is reachable, and etc.
As a sample, we choose a yashmak as our product. After we analyze the reasonable price for our market, go to the next step.

2. Look for a producers who offers a reasonable and reachable price. If your environment is fully with a midle - low class customers, it is recommended to look for a brand which offers followed price. But, look for both of products is okay.
Looking for the lowest-price-offered-producers is easy. You may ask some senior in this business, or you might only use your keyboard to search in internet.
Yes, search engine is one of the most popular tools to give informations you really wanted.

3. Compare each other from one producers to another one. Basic price, given discount, shipping charges and flexibility might become an important consideration in choosing producers.

4. Don't be too ambitious in taking a high margin. Important thing to start a business is look for customers first. After you have some loyal customers, you might be increase your margin profit.

..... To be continued. Read my next post.

Earn Money From Own Home

Earn Money From Your Home

Earn money from your home can be done by several ways. One way that I usually do is earn money by selling a real product. What is my real product? My real product is yashmak (or called "Jilbab" in Indonesian).

Yashmak become very popular nowadays. In fact, the moslems awareness to use a yashmak as one of their must, increasing days to days. As a result, there are so many yashmak producers appears, and they compete against each other to win the competition in yashmak market.

The first one is Some producers who already have a strong brand. They are very brave to offers yashmak in a high price. They aren't afraid that they will loose their customers, as some brands have their own loyal customers. Usually their aim is a midle - high class customers, as a customers type like this wants best quality. Thats' why only a bit of some product type which are offered in a middle price.

The second one is some producers who are still trying to entry a yashmak new market. And this shared market is fully filled with new brands. Generally they offers a lower price, in deed the quality is lower than product i told above. Their aim is more people in midle-low class of customers.

This substantiality is a reason why I choose this as one of alternative ways to earn more money from own home. Advanced, my environment if full by a moslems house wife.
So, it is a new chance to increase earnings.

Interest to try? See my next post.. ^_^

Friday, January 23, 2009

List of Scam PTC

Here are List of Scam PTC

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Is a scam?

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