Monday, September 14, 2009

You Got Backlink When You Commented on A High Page Ranked Do Follow Post (not Blog)

A few days a go, I've read some article in a blog that almost make me surprise.
Yeah, a great surprise that I've already made a great mistake.

During the time I started blogging until now, what I do realize and understand is,
IF YOU wanna GET A Quality Backlink, try to comment in HIGH PAge Ranked BLOGS.
That's why, I always try to look for a do follow bog with a high Google page rank, and giving comment in (whatever) its post.

But you know that, Its trully a great mistake. Why... Because something that i do realize after I read the article (which i state above before), commenting in do follow - high Page ranked blog will mean nothing, unless You commented in a HIGH PAGE RANKED POST/ARTICLE.

Yups, that's right.
Take a simple sample like this. Where did you put your backlink?? In a POST COMMENT. (Not in A BLOG homepage!!) It means that, Google will count your quality backlink when you only Comments in A High-Do follow PageRanked Post (not in A High Do Follow Page Ranked Blog).
See the difference, huh...??

So, from now on, try to comment not in a (whatever) post, but on high do follow page ranked posts...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Free Exchange Link With My Page Rank 2 Blog

In order to get more friends, to keep contact with other bloggers, and to support my rank,

I would like to invite All of Bloggers, to do Exchange Link with me.

The Benefits that i offer are:

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(look at the screen shoot)

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And the rule that you must fill are:
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2. Tell me that you have already do it, by commenting here, in this post.
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5. I have my own decision in deciding which blog that I am agreeing to exchange link with...

So... Who want to Exchage Link With Me?