Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strategies In Profiting From Blog

As written by Cindy Donalds

Are you wondering how to profit online with little or no cost? Then blogging is a good way to start. Profits on Blog can come if you just apply few strategies.

Create a blog

If you are wondering what a blog is and how does it make profits online,here is the gist.

With strategies in profiting from blog,you need to get started with a good blog. This is free to create at, or both.It takes a few minutes to set up.

Write on what you are good at, that will also benefit your readers

One of the strategies on how to earn from blog, is to write about what you know and what you are good at. This is because it will come natural and sound interesting for any readers who visit your blog and it will make it easy for you to know what to blog on next .

Good Title

Good and interesting title with useful content will attract readers to your blog whenever you write a new post and this means traffic for you.

Adsense Revenue

You can use adsense on your blog to help you earn as adsense adverts are placed in your blog. If any of your blog readers get interested and use the adsense adverts, you are paid commissions by Google. Note that this doe not happen automatically, it is a gradual process.

Get Traffic

Another strategy in profiting from blogging is to work on your blog to become one of the profitable blogs. You write a good blog post and use adsense is not enough. You should be able to send your blog URL to the open, let people know what you are sharing. This can be done by using to ping your blog share on social media like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook to attract readers to your blog.

Submit URL to to get your url indexed quickly in search engines and also send traffic to your website. Visit other people blogs and website read and give your opinions leave your url with your comments.

Affiliate Programs

Promoting affiliate products and business is another good way on how to earn from blog. You are paid high commissions on affiliate. In affiliate marketing,you represent the owner of the product you are advertising and when it results in sales, you are compensated according to your agreements.

Analyze Your traffic source

This is one of the best strategies in profiting from blog and can be done by linking your adsense account with your Google analytic account. It shows you what part of your blog posts attract visitors, what keywords brings in traffic, and how many times visitors visit your blog daily and more.