Saturday, January 31, 2009

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission

Why do site's owners need to submit their web/blog to search engine?? Because search engine is same like an internet marketing tools which is very popular among netter. As a marketing tools, serach engine is able to attract potential visitors to come to their site.

How does search engine works in helping increase traffics to some sites? Imagine that you are a person who don't know anything about a thing that you wanted, and you are looking for some information by typing a keyword. Only in a second, search engine will list a great number of sites which have the same keyword with what you type in.
The top ten list site in the first page, is attracting visitor more than the others one.

Then, how make your site in thetop ten list search engine? Submit your site to it. Generally, good rangking is not always synonymous with being listed in first page. The site owner should consider about the proper information and some specific keyword which best describe your site.

Use a well experienced advertisement service provider can help you much to get a good positioning in search engine. They shall be responsible to linking your site to top search engine areas. Of course it will spent you more money than using a free submission. But however, using an expert advertisers with a proper submission, will increase your quality traffics and of course, it helps you earn more money.

Keyword Optimization Will Increase Your Traffic

Keyword Optimization Will Increase Your Traffic

As I mentioned in my recent post, to increase a traffics, you need a keyword that best describe your own blog to the world.
This is an free article which I took from

"Keyword optimization if done correctly can significantly increase the flow of traffic to any website. In fact keyword research is one of the most critical aspects of preparing a website before it goes online.

To properly optimize your site for the search engines careful selection of the keywords you want to use is important. The right selection will result in a steady flow of traffic to your site. If however you choose words that are not relevant or perhaps overly popular your site can drown in a sea of obscurity.

Choosing the right combination of words around which you can build your site will require plenty of keyword research. Let's have a look at certain specifics you'll need to consider when selecting those keywords that will best benefit your site.


Focusing on exactly what it is your site offers develop a list of words that describe your site, its content or its purpose. A keyword tool, many of which are available online for free, can help you dig further into this list with related words or terms. It is very important that the words you select ACCURATELY describe your site.

Consider this your # 1 rule when optimizing with keywords.


To further develop a deeper list of keywords use your keyword tool to find phrases that may incorporate words relevant to your site. Instead of using a keyword like 'find real estate' you could use 'find real estate in Chicago'. Keyword phrases or long tailed keywords like this are advantageous to use for a couple of reasons. These types of keyword phrases are more descriptive. Long tail keywords are usually less competitive since the description is more precise and not appropriate for a more 'general' search. Another advantage here is that anyone searching on a very clearly defined set of keywords is usually 'HIGHLY TARGETED' traffic. Yet another advantage is it is usually easier to rank higher with the search engines when using long tailed keywords due to the lack of competition.


The domain name of your site should again ideally be descriptive of your website. Online marketing involves quickly capturing the attention of potential customers before they click away. Having a domain name that is concise but descriptive of your online business
would be great however it is sometimes difficult to find something available that would be appropriate. In lieu of the 'perfect' domain name again conduct a little keyword research here to find a phrase or synonym that would be both catchy and descriptive.


The use of inbound links benefits a website in two ways, additional traffic and a higher profile (and favor) with the search engines. Capturing this inbound traffic normally requires the use of links to your site located off site. You may put them in articles or perhaps have them in a signature file you use at a forum or social site.
Wherever you choose to place these links be sure to use a keyword from your website in the anchor text. Say for example you sell 'dog food' at your website you can use a link such as 'Dog Food Depot' to attract traffic to your site. Search engines love inbound links such as these that use both keywords and are descriptive. This 'love' usually results in a higher search engine ranking.


When conducting your website optimization with keywords avoid the temptation of using your selected keywords too often. Placing them where appropriate and when they look natural within the sentence structure is ALWAYS recommended.

If your keyword optimization is completed correctly you will see a boost in your traffic and search engine ranking. By choosing a list of descriptive words and phrases and using them wisely you will have established a solid foundation upon which you can build your online business"

This article has been written by TJ Philpott.

My First Adsense

My First Adsense

Finally, Google uncle accept my proposal to be a member of adsense. Hohohoho...^_^ It means that a chance to earn money from internet is getting bigger and bigger.

It said that Google will give us a cheque if our earning from adsense reach a minimum payout for about 100$. But, when we will get it?

A senior-master-blogger said that just be patient. Don't be so ambitious. Let money come to yours by itself.
And the most important thing is "DON't TRY TO CLICK YOUR ADS YOURSELF and DON'T TRY TO HAD other PEOPLE CLICKS on IT", or INSTEAD your ACCOUNT will be BANNED. :(

IF your adsense account is banned, you have no more chance to earn more money from adsense. AND finally, say Good Bye ...ADSENSE.

Be Friends With Google

Be Friends with Google...

Yup, you have to be friends with Google if you want to increase your traffics to your site/blog. Is there any way to do that..??
Based on the article I have read about that there are some ways to be friends with Google.
The 1st one is optimize your metatag which include meta keywords and meta description.
Meta keywords is some words used to be keys belong to your site. Means that if somebody click your keywords in search engine, the will be directly pointed to your site/blog.
Meta description is a description of your blog which will helps to introduce your blogs content to search engine.

The second one is make a lot of backlink to others site/blog who is more popular and have a lot of traffics than yours.

The third one.. Hm, I am still looking for the other ways. I promise that I will read some articles, and if it's possible, I would co-pas them to this blog as a useful information.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reasons start to write a blog

Joining a discussion about the reasons why we write a blog, make me thinked and remembered why do I start writing a blog.
Maybe my earlier post will remind me that one of the reason to start a blog is to earn money.
But is it money the one and only reason?

However, I have to be honest to my self that a desire to blogging is purely come from my husband. Yup. It's came a few months after having my Rama in the world.
I'm proudly introduce my son to the world at here

The next reason is earn money. Although it's still a trial time, but I need to prove it by myself.
But Somehow, I often ask to my self. Why do i obsess to earn money from internet, indeed that i can't eat money. Right ???

Well, maybe the answer is earning money helps me have the ability to buy something to eat. Hahahha... :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Earn My First 2$

Earn My First 2$

Finally, I earn my first 2$ from internet. Hohoho... ^_^ But how?
Thanks for blogging. Yups... blogging helps me earn more money, and now I prove it.

Maybe it sounds so funny for expert blogger. I'm sure that they have already earned more and much more money than me. It's okay. I am just gonna share it.

Simply, I got it from a program called PTR. Paid To Review. What is PTR? You may read in my next post.
Right now, I just want to tell that finally, blogvertise assigned me a task to review a website. Read my review HERE.

Although that those 2$ is still waiting for approval, I'm still so happy with it. Reviewing a website in English helps me improve my English again. Hopefully, this blog is worthed. :)

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product (2)

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product (2)

This is my second post about earn money from home by selling a yashmack. The next steps I will share about is promotion. Yes, PROMOTION! Promotion is very important for your business, especially for a very newbie entreprenaur.
Then, how to promote your product?

Promoting a product can be done by several ways. "Mouth to mouth" or using some visual tools. Generally, "mouth to mouth" works effectively, especially if there are a crowded environment in your place. It works because people often trust in a testimonial proof than a visual tools. This persuading methods works more effective if the persuader (a person who has already tried the yashmack, and feel satisfied with it) promotes the yashmack in her own group. Generally, people are more interested in their friends testimonial.
Promoting yaschmack in some area by using this alternative way can be done in some group activity such as "pengajian, arisan, and PKK" --> what it is in English??

Another alternative one to promote your product is using a virtual tools, such as flier and banner. Both of them are the cheapest tools and reachable especially for newbie enterpreneur.
To promote a yashmack, you can set your banner in your home, trough the crowded street, or maybe strew your fliers in some crowded area. Make your banner and fliers fully eye catching, to attract people interests.

Finally, after promoting your product, then its time to sit and wait for your first customers, and also wait for your first earning. Have a nice try! ^_^

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product

As I wrote in my recently posted, moslems fashion has become a trend, and the request is increasing days to days. So, it is one of alternative ways to earn more money from home.
I said home because it was a good start for n newbie reseller to begin builts their business. "Start from your closest environment!!".

My suggested steps below is succeded done in my own way. They are:

1. Start from choosing what kind of product that you really want to sell. It is important to analyze, according to who is your customers, what is their interest, how big the market, how much price which is reachable, and etc.
As a sample, we choose a yashmak as our product. After we analyze the reasonable price for our market, go to the next step.

2. Look for a producers who offers a reasonable and reachable price. If your environment is fully with a midle - low class customers, it is recommended to look for a brand which offers followed price. But, look for both of products is okay.
Looking for the lowest-price-offered-producers is easy. You may ask some senior in this business, or you might only use your keyboard to search in internet.
Yes, search engine is one of the most popular tools to give informations you really wanted.

3. Compare each other from one producers to another one. Basic price, given discount, shipping charges and flexibility might become an important consideration in choosing producers.

4. Don't be too ambitious in taking a high margin. Important thing to start a business is look for customers first. After you have some loyal customers, you might be increase your margin profit.

..... To be continued. Read my next post.

Earn Money From Own Home

Earn Money From Your Home

Earn money from your home can be done by several ways. One way that I usually do is earn money by selling a real product. What is my real product? My real product is yashmak (or called "Jilbab" in Indonesian).

Yashmak become very popular nowadays. In fact, the moslems awareness to use a yashmak as one of their must, increasing days to days. As a result, there are so many yashmak producers appears, and they compete against each other to win the competition in yashmak market.

The first one is Some producers who already have a strong brand. They are very brave to offers yashmak in a high price. They aren't afraid that they will loose their customers, as some brands have their own loyal customers. Usually their aim is a midle - high class customers, as a customers type like this wants best quality. Thats' why only a bit of some product type which are offered in a middle price.

The second one is some producers who are still trying to entry a yashmak new market. And this shared market is fully filled with new brands. Generally they offers a lower price, in deed the quality is lower than product i told above. Their aim is more people in midle-low class of customers.

This substantiality is a reason why I choose this as one of alternative ways to earn more money from own home. Advanced, my environment if full by a moslems house wife.
So, it is a new chance to increase earnings.

Interest to try? See my next post.. ^_^

Friday, January 23, 2009

List of Scam PTC

Here are List of Scam PTC

1 (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz)
10euromails (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz)

2 (Gptboycott) (getpaidforum)

3 (Gptboycott)

4 (refer to update June 2)

5 (getpaidforum) (uronlinebiz)


7 (Gptboycott)


a (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (watch list, gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (PtcTalk) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (read update 10 Dec 2007)

b (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (getpaidforum) (uronlinebiz) (getpaidforum)
bigdollat-mails (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (read update 25 Jan 2008) (read update 8 Dec 2007) (read update April 10 2008)
Is a scam?

Cash2all (lots of non-payment complaints at their forum) (uronlinebiz)
CassandrasClicks (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (read update 7 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (read update 21 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (read update 7 Dec 2007) (read update 23 Dec 2007) (getpaidforum) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

d (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable)
DarkAngelMails (watch list, gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (promotes a list of scam sites) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz)

e (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (read update 14 Dec 2007) (read update 21 Dec 2007)
europtr (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

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j (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

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l (Gptboycott)

m (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (watch list, gptboycott)
mailero (not sustainable) (MFMO) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (Gptboycott) (PtcTalk) (uronlinebiz) (misleading, read update 5 Jan 2008)

n (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (watch list, gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)
Nocs.Us (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott)

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t (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (pays to upgraded member only) (not sustainable)

u (not sustainable)

v (uronlinebiz) (refer to update March 15) (not sustainable) (getpaidforum) (read update 7 Jan 2008) (uronlinebiz)

w (not sustainable) (getpaidforum) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott)

X (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

y (read update 2 Dec 2007)

z (gone) (uronlinebiz)

Beware of Scam PTC!!

Earn money from internet become dreams of most netter in the world, especially for newbie blogger. An internet money making program most talked about nowadays is paid to click (ptc).

Like I posted in my blog before, ptc may give us benefits such as earning more money in dollars. Many people interested in joining that kind of programs.
As it's popularity, there are a lot of new ptc appears in internet. But, not all ptc being so "kindly" and "nicely" to us.

Some of bad guys use ptc as a chance crime. They make similar website like more ptc do, but offering "irrational" points in earning dollars. Be careful of some ptc like thats, because it could be a scam ptc.

What is a scam ptc? Scam ptc is a ptc when you joined in and click their ads, they won't pay you any dollar at all. Instead, the worst thing, it might be a spy ware website, which will searchs for important/secret things/information in your PC.(??? -- cmiiw)

List of Scam PTC in my next post.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Earn More Money in PTC by Rent Referrall

Earn More Money in PTC by Rent Referrall

Earn money ($) in PTC might become a difficult thing to do. I say, It's not impossible, But.... could be the hardest thing to do, IF we are only a standart member, and do not have any referral at all.

Imagine that if you only join in PTC as standart member, you only have chance to click ads between 5 - 10 ads/ day. Its different if you are a premium member, who is given more ads than the standart one.

Even, if you don't have any referral, reaching 2$ in your stats, could take 1 months more(depends on how many ads provided). But, when you have referrals, just sitting on your chairs, money comes to you by itself.

Then, how renting referrals work for you?
Well, almost in every PTC offers its member to rent some referrals. Offering referrals starts from 5, 10, 25, 100, and even 500 referrals. And of course, the price follows it. Rent in a larger number, more payment you have to made.

After having some referrals, what you really need to do is "NOTHING". You only works to click ads for your self, and your referrals will click their ads for themselves. The nicest thing is you will earn some money for each ads they clicks too. After it, you can calculate how much $ you earn in one day only. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Standart Member and Premium Member in PTC

Paid To Click (PTC)

Playing with PTC finding us with regular words which always appears, such as "standart member" and "premium member". But, what does standart and premium member mean in PTC?
Standart member mean a member who join a PTC for free (no charge added). And the opposite of it is premium member, who join a PTC by paying some money.

Based on my simple definiton above, it seems that being a standart member gives more benefit than the other one. Is it true? Not always like that.

Talk about benefit or advantage, (and any other words with similar meaning) being a standar or premium member, we must consider some points of view.

1. If we talk about the initial charge that we should pay, it is clearly said that being a standart member is cheaper than premium one. Of course it's true, because if you have already choosed to be a premium member, you have to pay some dollars ($) advanced.
2. But if talking about the number of dollars we got when we click ads, --- of course being a premium member will make you earn a bigger dollars ($). Such as, standart member will get 0.01$ for each ads they click, instead of premium member got 0.015$ per each. It also happen if you have referrals. The treatment for calculating the points is same as above.

The simply ilustration below:
If you have 10 referrals, and you are only a standar member, imagine that there are 10 ads to click a day. It means your earning from your referrals only 10 x 10 x 0.005$ = 0.5$ a day.
But if you are a premium member, with 10 referrals, count how much earning you will get a day. 10 x 10 x 0.01$ = 1$ / day.

That's only a simply ilustration with the same comparation in the number of ads they click. But in fact, premium member got more ads to click than the standart one.
Then, imagine... How much money they earn from being a premium one.

Earn Money with Pay To Click (PTC)

Earn Money With Pay To Click (PTC)

What is Pay To Click and how we can Earn Money from it? Simply definition about Pay To Click (PTC) I take from wikipedia : "an online unsustainable business models that draw huge ammount of online traffics from people aiming to earn money from home".

A PTC website is a midllemen between advertisers and consumers. How it works? Well, it's usual that the advertisers pays for displaying ads on the PTC website. The PTC website earn money from it, and a part of this payment goes to the consumer (or we called the member of PTC) as he views the ads for about 30''.

Some of PTC offers some $ for each ads its member click. Most of them give 0.01$ (different for aech PTC website) for each ads they click, and even some PTC give point bonus for sign up to their site.

Each PTC sometimes provide a various number of ads to click. Its range between 5 - 10 ads/day. But if we upgrade our account to premium member, we can get more than that, and of couurse, earn more money too.

One of PTC I joined in is indoptc. Indoptc is one of Indonesian PTC website which offers payment in $ through Bank (Indonesia only) or Paypal. Indoptc helps me earn money. Instead of sill trying, slowly but stable, my stats (money earnings from this PTC, is going increase. How nice!! ^_^ Interest in join in ? Click Here.

However, PTC is a new thing to trying on. So, try and enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Download Adobe Profesional 8


Today, my bos ask me to DOWNLOAD an ADOBE PROFESIONAL 8. It's time to give netter free software adobe profesional 8. Huray....!!

Usually we only know about adobe acrobat reader, which usually used to read an .pdf file. But now, with adobe profesional 8, we can edit file and convert an image to pdf (such as .jpg file). Other advantages are we can make our file securer by giving a special security done by software and make that file purely ours, by giving it watermark. In deed, there are so many facilities we can get from this software.

But, honestly, I'm not the person who upload this software. ^_^ I got this from my favorite site . So, thanks for the person who very kind to upload it.

Installer are divided into 6 part, and required more patience to download it. But its ok if we think about its fully advantages.
Finally, i hope this post give an advantage to you guys, and Happy download!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Government Accounting Consultant

Now... it's time to talk about my main job, GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING CONSULTANT. It's a nice topic for me, cause I do really love working in this GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING field (and because I earn money from it. :))

My company where I am working, (called it INDgAF), is a service company that is established to give training, consulting, research, IT and System Development. Having supported with proffesional, INdgAF is competent and reliable in the development of human resources for government institution and private company.

Since the year of 2007, INDgAF have been giving trainings and consulting for government institution and private companies all over Indonesia.

Giving the best for its costumers, IndgAF periodically evaluate and update its knowledge and materials to accomodate the rapid development and dynamic changes in general knowledge and technology.

And I am, proudly say that: I am one of this team. Huray!! ... It means that I am participating in helping local government (in case) serve its accountability, and helping this nations being better from before. ^_^

See fully INDgAF Profile

NewBie BloGGer in English ? It 's Hard 4 Me!!

Earn Money From Internet? How ? the easiest way is Being A NEWBIE BLOGGER . But, is it easy?? The answer is "both" , may be YES... or Maybe NO.
"Yes" is the answer if we post our blog using our mother language... Me? Of course, Indonesian language...

But use english as the only language in posting our blog (as a NEWBIE BLOGGER) is one of the hardest thing I should do. Why? Because being a consultant for about 2 years, interact with people who "only know Indonesian language" - (red: it's rare having person who can speak English fluently in my job's envyronmet), has been almost removed all of my capability in speaking and writing English during college. :( How silly I am...

Knowing internet since I was in Senior High School, and finally now I am interested in blogging. Why? Yeah like I said before, it's Because of MONEY. Yes, the opportunities to EARN MONEY from Internet.

However, being a NEWBIE BLOGGER (in English - I mean) is not steadily a bother thing for me. Even, beside it can make me try to improve my English again, It would give us an opportunity to earn more money from my blog. --- InTErNet- Yup, that's the answer..

But, the question is How?? Honestly, I don't really understand. Hehehe... :P Now... I'm still trying to do that. (Come On, I a'm still NewBie Blogger, right?!!)

I just think IF ... (just If, ok), someday fortunately I can reach what i really want from internet, earn more money - and more than my income for being a consultan-, i would retired from my main job (consultant), and proceed being a trully wife and mom for my family, earn money from house and... Barakallah, I wish God bless me. Amin.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Earn Money From Internet

Earn Money From Internet

This is a new world, a world about making money online. Many people try a lot of things to make their dream come true, earn money as much as they can do.
But unfortunately, they dont have any knowledge how they will start.

Then, There is some ways/steps to earn money from internet:

First of all, we need some tools. What kind of tool they are?

1. credit card (we can pending to have it until we really have some money to transfer)

2. account internet banking. Usually people use Paypal or AlertPay

3. email adresses (it's important nowadays, and i can surely say that it's unusual if you want to earn money from internet, but you don't familiar with it)

4. internet connection. (it's important to update your account, information, blog, and etc)

Next step is choose what kind of programs do you want to invest your money. Even, in some programs, you dont really need to invest any money at all.
There are a lot ways to choose, such as Paid To click (PTC), Paid To Review, and etc.

And the last, but not the least: Make your own Site and Get advertisers on It.
Have a Nice Try!