Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Importance Of Exchanging Link

Build a link in a lot of site is good to increase your blog rank (right, master??) And even, if your blog linked in a site which has a good ranking (such as PR 1 and more), therefore your blog rank will increase too.

But, almost newbie blogger didn't know that linked your blog in a well-ranked site is not the only way to increase a rank. You must remember about increasing your traffic. Which means that increase a lot number of visitors to your blog.

Another way to reach it is don't forget your fellow blogger. Offering an exchange link to newbie blogger, and build it as a friendship, will help you to maintain your loyal visitors.
Always say hello and give a comment in their blog, will make your visitor always come back to see what's update in yours, indeed they might be only say hello too.

So, An Exchange Link is another way too Increase a Traffic. If you want to ask an exchange link with me, CLICK HERE

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