Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Alexa is Going Down

Happy.. today my alexa is going down. Huray... ^_^
It reachs around 800.000 now. It means a number of unique visitors to my blog is increasing. :)

However, it's became a good news for me, as my chance to join a paid review program is bigger. (The main target in making money online)
But, unhappily, My Page Rank doesn't move at all. It is still a BIG ZERO. :( How sad...

I still don't understand, what is the requirement to meet the standart of Google in increasing a Page Rank? Does the age of the blog become one of valuation? If so, it's became true that I still got the BIG ZERO, because this blog is under 60 days old. It's still brand new... ^_^

But, it's okay. I'm going to wait my page rank patiently, and during the time, I'm going to manage this blog as better.
If you have any way/experience in increasing Google Page Rank, let me know, guys..

1 comment:

  1. Next page rank update is due near March end or April start.....so just wait till that...

    and regarding alexa rank, you can easily make it more better as your blog attracts more bloggers or webmasters whose attendance will definitely be counted by Alexa :)


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