Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Reason Why Your Business Really Should Start Blogging

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It is an easy enough question. Most of us ask ourselves the ‘why' in many things in life, don't we? Although this isn't a ‘gravity weight-save the world' concern. It's simply figuring out whether blogging is really needed for your web based objectives.

So I will get right to the point: If you plan to engage in some type of business/marketing/writing online, it's not only a wise decision that you start a blog but in my estimation it is advisable.

‘Exactly why should i blog? I sell stuff on-line.'

A teaching customer of mine said one day, "I don't require a blog…I own an ecommerce store. I market products. No one desires to hear me talk."

Seriously, they do. And actually, they don't wish to hear you speak about your merchandise, they have to listen to you discuss your products. They need to listen to you talk to them about your products!

I know it's ‘about the customer' but this goes a little bit further. A weblog linked to ones online store web site gives your internet business a far more ‘conversational' mood whereby discourse and interaction can take place between you and the consumer. Don't underestimate the power of this! There's absolutely no bigger instance of this in action than Amazon make use of many blogs throughout their web-site. If you ‘sell stuff', you'll want to too.

Why blog? I have a Facebook (or any other social networking related) Page

There is no doubting the power in Facebook as well as how massive it has become. It is nothing short of incredible. Add in the fact that they're still expanding at an astounding rate and it's a no-brainer we really should employ a presence there if we're serious with regards to our online activities.

The trouble lies basically in that you don't OWN Your Content. Consider this. In the event that Facebook decides they do not like your page or are just plain in a lousy mood they could close you down. That's called renting, not owning. Owners are prosperous on line, not renters.

It's acceptable (and even suggested) that a person have a Facebook page however , you would be wise to house your articles first on your own blog. Coupled with considering the resources in place now, it is possible to attach your weblog together with your FB page and take advantage of the power in the two.

[A quick suggestion relating to your blog and Facebook: Whenever you initially distribute your content, ensure the articles from your own blog gets listed in search engines like google first prior to letting the same content display on Facebook.]

Why Blog If I Have A Absolutely Free One Already On Google's Blogspot?

‘Why weblog when i have a free one currently?' I really get asked this a great deal. You may basically refer to the previous explanation previously mentioned. Again, these types of services own your articles. They opt to close your account down? Goodbye blogs. You are also Very limited as to what you're able to do design-wise.

And in case you are whining because you don't want to devote some cash in beginning your very own blog page, then I suppose we could determine that you are not too serious about your online presence. That is alright. Just don't expect to develop a flourishing internet business from the ‘free renter model'.

Running A Blog Helps Your Online Search Engine Rankings

Blogs are generally loved by the search engines. Good blogging programs ( being the best without doubt) are usually structured so that they are listed faster (usually) when compared to a static website and have ‘ping' components so that they notify the SE's any time a brand-new post is published.

And when you have a ‘regular' website such as a product-centered ecommerce site then you'll want to hyperlink your blog to that site. The up to date content from your blog can help the rankings on your internet commerce site.

I think now you can see the benefits whenever you ask ‘Why Blog'? Now you realize the ‘why'.