Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DoFollow, People Said It's Effective Icrease Backlink

Do Follow, I found this term just a couple days a go. Familiar with it, guys? If u join blogging world not in a short time, I'm sure that u have already now about it.
As a newbie blogger, I dont really understand about what is do follow and no follow. Just in 3 hours a go, I found an interseting article explained about what is do follow clearly...

We have already know that to increase our ranking, and increase a back link, we can make an exchange link, submit ur blog to social bookmarking, and leave a comment to others blog.

Well, in real, there is some fact that wrote a comment in other blog, doesn't usually made a back link to our blog.. Thats because most of blogs still set a no follow tag in their comment form. Dofollow tag enable a backlink to some blog who leave a comment in dofollow blog, and this backlink will appears in Google search engine, although the keyword u typed don't match with your post/blog.
More indexed in Google page, it's more effective to increase your blog popularity.
If we think from that conclusion, you must be thinking that WE MUST SET OUR BLOG To DO FOLLOW blog, right?

Don't so in hurry, please.. There are also appears disadvantages from set a do follow tag in blog. It is said that Google doesn't like this do follow tag because Google deemed it as spam. And as a result, it makes our Page Rank down.

Then Finally, it's became our choice to set our blog became no follow or do follow tag. However, setting up it in do follow tag will increase the number of visitor, but in the other hands, uncle Google doesn't like it. Which one will u choose...??


  1. I agree your post. So please follow my blog because I have a new post.

  2. @ Sumartono
    Thank You so Much, Mr footbal. ^_^

  3. I believe that nofollow will not be followed anymore. As people now can control relation between link juice and fidelity, blogger will reward their customary clients, content will be spread (wikipedia had decrease its participation numbers incredibly after nofollow adoption) and internet continues with its democratic and open character

  4. This is all well and good, backlinks are fine... pagerank... bah what is it... I dont have a nofollow nor a dofollow tag and my pagerank is 0 My alexa is climbing tho... I should be out of the millions in a month.... with NO adwords campaigning. Purely on the strength of entrecard. and other follow me procedures like mybloglog and comment posting.

  5. dofollow is the real future of blogs, It makes double way of benefits ( Following Articles and comment ) == (get visitor to my own blog or website )

    Appreciate that :)


  6. Dofollow is the future of blogging but there's many sites/blogs have added nofollow to their links after they've been listed as dofollow. Same happened with dofollow search engines I have been using.


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