Monday, February 2, 2009

Paid To Review, Another Chance To Earn Money Online

Paid To Review, Another Chance To Earn Money Online

As I wrote in my recent post, I have already tried to join some Paid Review program. Have you ever heard about it ? It's very popular in blogger community all over the world today as an alternative chance to earn money online.

Simply said that Paid Review is an affiliate program between blogger and ads/broker. Here ads/broker go between bloggers (as a publisher) and advertisers. The advertisers will pay bloggers some money as a result of some reviews to their site/product in blogger's post.

There are a lot of site who offered you this kind of program. A detailed list you may see in my next post.
Generally, you will earn money depends on how good is your blog ranking. A blog ranking may be shown by alexa rank or page rank.
If your blog PR are 0, you may earn 2-10$ per review, and you will earn more if your PR is 1 or more.


  1. i can't see the link to this pay2 blog program i'm already a member of 3 of these and i'm already earn $50 in only 3 weeks

  2. @ freemoneysite
    Yup, I forgot to write about it. Hopefully in the near time...

  3. Nice post, i'll have to give this a try :)


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