Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Campaign One Post Per Day

I think it's a time to start to more concentrate in build this blog. However, I do feel jelous (in positive way) for my friends blog who have already stayed in this blog world, and earn much, much, much and more money from that. :(
And I don't make any progress at all.

A few recent days, i do ignore this blog at all. I was very busy with my job as a government accounting consultant. Hhhh... However, the job has made me very tired, then I don't have any time to manage both of this blog and Rama's blog at all.

But from now, InsyaAllah, I do need to declare a campaign to make minimum one post a day. I need to do it to increase the quality of my blog... ???? (Could it be???? Hehehe...)
But the most important thing that, I need to do this because sometime I do feel ashamed to some of my friends like "sumartono - mr golspektakuler" who always ask and remind me to write a post. ^_^

So, it's time to campaign one post/day. Chaiyo...

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