Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quality Link For Your Website

Almost bloggers or website owners are always look for a better link popularity. And this could be got by Having good quality links in our blog. It is very important, as they give us a high traffics to our blog.

Using a directory submitter will submit your blog to lots of directories, and it will also increase your rankings with some big search engines, such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and others. This way could be the most effective one in making your blogs widely known.

Though you can use an link exchange or text link ad to enhance your link popularity, submitting your blog to web directories is the cheapest one to get a massive traffic.
Directory submitter will increase your link popularity by listing your blog into the relevant categories. Targeting niche categories is our purpose, right?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Selling Text Link

I'm new with making money only by selling text link/keyword. I've read some posts which shown that it is easy and help us earn more money than other online money making such as Paid Per Click and Paid Review.

As we know, paid review is the most popular one nowadays. Every blogger compete each others to win the tight competition in paid review programs. And I do have a little lucky with this program. Blogsvertise is still the best one for me, since I have collect $29 during the time.

Some bloggers (who is lucky with online money making)told that they are succes in text link ads programs. Even, they can get more than $900 a month. How amazing.. It was a great number that I never imagined could be got only from internet.

Honestly, i'm also interested to join in. But I read that Google doesn't like it. Some blogs which done so, have been penalized to Page Rank 0, after they got good Page Rank before.
I worried about it and it make me think twice, more and more to selling text link.

But if you are interested in joining the programs, you can begin with backlinks.com, infolink.com, linkworth.com and more.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Have you familiar with entrecard? For bloggers who are very concern with traffics, I'm sure that they must know what Entrecard is.
But now, I'm not going to tell about what is entrecard. You can get a lot of informations about it just by googling.
What I want to share about is..., my feeling about Entrecard.

A couple months a go, I am also a person who is very concerns with my blog traffics. And I use entrecard to support what i want.

For some month, It really works for me. But I forgot that it was just a seasonal traffic. When you are not concern with it anymore, you will lose it.
At the time I have no interest in blogwalk and drop some EC by, I've changed my interest in their marketplace.
It's marketplace offers a lot of unique product and service, and all the payment is done with the EC (not dollar).

I've earned some EC in my account, and I though I can change it to dollar by selling it to the devotee. I made my order in marketplace, but what...
Unfortunately, they deleted my market. Hoooohhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Pity.
Looking for some reasons, I heard from some one that it's prohibited to sell your product (especially sell EC) with a real money. Bahhhh....

Then, what is my 1,500 EC for ? Is there someone who want to buy it with only $2 ?? If so, contact me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Works As Consultant isn't As Easy As I Think (Part 2)

But, time goes by, during this 2 years, I've learned a lot.
I've learned many regulations, and found that sometimes, it doesn't support each other. We have face a lot questions from our clients, why this is happens, how about that one, which regulation should we use, and etc.
Based on my experience, finally the conclusion is:
We can't hold only with 1 regulation. Those regulations should support each others. If no, then we have to choose the higher regulation between.
And sometimes, we can't take the main statement directly without any research at all. We still need analize what is tha main statement, what does it means, and what is the purpose...

Hhh... It isn't easy, whereas sometimes we meet people/client who take the regulation and swallowing a story hook. Pity... But then, it is our jobs to give him wider expalanations.

My jobs itself doesn't stop only with learning regulations. I've to fix some module, and make it stay update with the latest regulation.
Actually, it is a tiring jobs, but then... What can I do. I've dealed with this and I earn almost all my income from this.
Then, let it be, right?

Works As Consultant isn't As Easy As I Think (Part 1)

Works in government accounting consultant isn't as easy as I think before.
Two years a go, I thought that it was a simple job, but now, I've changed my opinion.

Worked as a consultant, made you learning more than others does. How don't? You have to make any suggestion for your client,--then, if you are not smarter than him, how can you give him any advise? You are not capable to do it.

I studied about commercial accounting, like many colleges teach most. At that time, I've no idea to study about goverment accounting. We learned it, but it just looks like an introductary of government accounting. No special intention.
I'm good in commercial accounting, but I'm not interested in government accounting at all. Pity!

But directly after my graduation, I enter the field that I don't know before. Yups, my first job is my jobs now, though at the first time I started it as a project secretary.
Now, become a training manager, force me to learn about this accounting at much. At first, It was shocking me. I've learn more about a lot of government regulations, and it's not easy. As I dont have any basic at all.

(....To be Continued - Part 2)

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Bigger Chance For Me in Paid Review Program

I'm glad. Two days ago, there is a bigger chance for me in making money online from paid review.
After being lucky with blogsvertise as they set this money blog into normal status, and got its first review here for about $8, I found that there is a chance to take the same opportunities in Sponsoredreviews.

At that time, I registered this blog when its Page Rank was still 0, and succcesfully rejected. But now, when this blog has made a lot of progress, I come back to make if there was any status changes. Unfortunately and unconciously, I clicked a delete button and as a result, I lost my blog. When I tried to re-registered this money making blog, the system said that this blog is already in their system.

Feeling so confused and dont know what to do, I contact their admin, write a very-polite letter with full of request if there is any chance in re-added my blog and perhaps luckily approve its status. And, Alhamdulilah... In the next day, Jill, one of their admin, informed me that my blog has been re-added and they also approved my blog status. I'm so LuckY!

Then, after those approval, I have a wide opportunities in finding the marketplace and make a bid for some advertisers. Hopefully, this will become a good start in Sponsoredreviews for me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trade Show Displays

Have you already gone to a trade show? If you work as a sales marketing of some product/services, or as a company representative, I'm sure that you are familiar with what a trade show is.
As you can demonstrate and promote your latest product/services there, then you need some displays to fill your trade show booths .
For about ten years till now, Camelback Displays Inc is here to give all you needs for your exhibition. You can get all of your trade show displays needs, as easy as you can imagine.
Some types of trade show displays they offer are pop up trade show displays (from printed to custom one), tabletop displays, panel trade show exhibits, custom panel system, towers, and more.
All those thing are very important for a succesfull exhibition, but then you can't forget the most popular means for your trade show, that is banner stands.
Camelback Displays also give you a lot alternatives to choose your own banner stands, from the standing one, telescoping, hanging, and more. Banner stands with interesting grapic design and full printing, will also attract visitors to come and see what you offer.

How about the partition? In a trade show, you can make a partition/areas in your own booths by using a pipe and drape. Camelback offer their pipe and drape which is made of fire retardant fabrics and alumunium pipe. You can use these for your own display piecee, and no more effort, because they are easy to assembly.

Then, if you use a table within your booths to support your exhibition, don't forget to use Camelback customize designed table skirts. However, choosing the right table cover for your exhibition is also important, right?

Camelbackdisplays is the right place for your one-stop shopping.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

ArcSoft WebCam Companion 2

Last Friday, my friends, ApsDit, asked me to make a fun pic using her WebCam. She used to take a pic by herself using a webcam, since there is no one taking her pic for her. Her webcam is pluged in her Toshiba notebook. Unfortunately, the result is not as good enough as we hoped before. Those pics are not clear, looks like it less light, and we thought it might because the resolution is lower than it should be.
As we dont know how to set it up to the better one, we were give up with the rest results. Suddenly, I remembered, that there is a webcam too in my notebook. My Sony Vaio is plugged with Arcsoft Webcam Companion 2.

We decided too try the webcam and making a fun pics. Because the title is making a fun pics, we play with the funny frame provided. All the frame is funny enough, but unfortunately, it's only can be used with the lower resolution (VGA 640 x 480), whereas there is a 1,3 MP provided.

Look at those pics. Funny right? ^_^ Find, where is I am, where is ApsDit, where is Linda, Where is Nindya?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Blogsvertise is still the Best One for Me!

Reading some post about the decreasing number of jobs from paid review broker in my friends's blog, make me thingking that this world is soooooo hard. How not? Getting more money become so difficult nowadays.

But, though the condition is worse now, I'm still feeling glad, that blogsvertise still gives me a trust and chance, to earn more money from blog review.
After they put my happy family blog status to normal one (not in probabtion anymore), they give me a review cost $7.5. What a high amount, after I just got $2 before. ^_^

And it doesn't stop there. After I submitted my task, fortunately, I found a grab bag task as much as $7.5. (it is recommended to login to your blogsvertise account every day, to found a grab bag task beside your blog list). Of course I didn't let it pass away. I took the chance, and now, both of my job, have been approved already. Nice...

For me, blogsvertise is still the best one, since I've earned $ only from it. Other paid review broker didn't approved my blog in joining with them, as somehow blogspot domain is no longer accepted in their system. Pity.... Though blogspot is no longer accepted, I still don't have any willling to change it into my custom domain. Have no experience with it and still learn about it. Maybe someday..
Right now, try to be satisfied only with blogsvertise....