Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oase in Desert, When Making Money is Really Hard

Wow... How busy... I do feel that it's so difficult to earn money, both offline and online. Puuuhhhhh....
Almost 1 month I leave my blogging world, no more article posting (or even just a heart sharing), and no more blogwalking.... :(
Sorry for them who have alreay blogwalked to my blog.... I still have no time to do the same.

I was very busy with my office jobs. Due to some reason, I have to add my job hours. Even, I had to work overtime during the night until morning came. ... God, It's so difficult to earn money. :(

But, another happy news come... I've got another review this month. Its about credit card processor. Thanks Blogvertise. I love You SO Much!. Although still wonder, do I have done a good review????

Real profits also come from my side jobs in rumah jilbab cicha.. Some customers finally buy some of the products. Thanks God. It like an oase in a desert. ^_^

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Paid To Click

As I told in my post, I joined the money making program with PTC at first. Due to some reason, I just joined one PTC only, that is indoptc.
However, I do this because I just want to try how it works. And Indoptc has become my choice, because it founded by Indonesian. I love Indonesia!!

During the time, untill now, I've collected $4 in my account, which comes from my own clicks and also my direct referrals too. Don't be so wonder why it's just a litle at hands. It just because I'm a lazy person... Sometimes I forgets to click my ads.., though I connect with Internet almost every day.

But, that's not what I want to share about here. I just wanna share that, till now, I still can't cashout my earnings, due to a reason:.
I'm late. Cashout are limited for standart member. And I AM a STANDARD Member. I still don't want to upgrade it into premium, because I dont want to invest in something that I haven't proofen it by myself. Maybe later...

Though what I can do now is just waiting for the reopen cashout, I'm still not sure that I can do it smoothly. What I can't understand is the management often change the rule. For example, right now the minimum cahsout $3, but at the other time, changed become $5, and bla bla bla....

Yeah,,,, wahatever. Just wait and see.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm sorry...

For about a week, I was busy with my office assignment. And it made I had no time in blogging.

Sorry, sorry and sorry... And now I'm back. Though, dont know what I'm going to write again, but now, just only say... Here, I'm Back...

Forgive me (Dont know what to say!)