Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Change No Follow To Do Follow

In order to campaign a do follow blog, this time I'm gonna share a little bit information about how to change a nofollow blog become do follow. Although I'm sure that everyone has already knew about it. ^_^

Here are the steps:
1. Go to the Layout tab, and then "Edit HTML"
2. Remember to backup your template first, in order to avoid an errors.
3. Check List the expand template widget
4. Then find: rel='nofollow', usually appears with the following command like below:

5. You may delete the word rel='nofollow', or change 'nofollow' to 'external', then the command became:


6. You should find the command below too:

7. Delete 'nofollow' or change it to 'external', then the command become like below:


You may choose what you better like, and done!. Your blog now is a do follow blog. ^_^


  1. Thanks to your posting. I will save it.

  2. Nice,..i will try it,..

  3. mantap tutorialnya bunda.... keep blogging bund... hehe... gak jadi pake boso jowo ntar ada yang gak ngerti :D

  4. Uminya Rama, great your blog with black template.

    To Lyla, boso jowo boten nopo-nopo, aku ngertos. Boso Jepang, no problem too. Watashiwa nihongo ga daijobu desyo. Anatawa nihongo ga suki deska? Gambatte kudasai.

  5. @sumartono
    Kang, terimakasih buat support dan dukungannya selalu @ syd
    ok. You r welcome. Hope that u will do it too.

    wah...makasih ya bund... kalo boso jowo, aku ma kang sumartono dah ngerti kok...

  6. nice post , salam kenal yach tukeran link yuk link nya sudah saya pasang tuh

  7. Good information. My blog have already used DoFollow too.

  8. Nice Tutorial, thanks for explaining in simple way...


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