Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Link Your Site and Linked Me Back

I Link Your Site and Linked Me Back

Have you ever read my post about the importance of Exchanging Link?? If so, Do you want to make an exchange link to my blog? Feel free to ask it. All you want to do is post your url blog and what name do you want to state in my blogroll here. then, linked me back to your blog by adding my url and name like this:

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  2. Thanks for adding your site to my link directory. Great way to build links.

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  4. @freemoneysite
    Done linking to you... Thanks for the advice.

  5. @ TipsToMakeMoney
    Yup. You are welcome. Hopefully, this exchange link help us a lot.

  6. @ Yujin
    Done linking your blog, bro!

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