Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vacation And Travelling

Do you feel tired and bored sometimes when earn money? Yeah.. its natural, guys. Almost people felt it, even a workaholic person.

Then, what will yo do with that? Leave it like that, or doing something to refresh you?
Might be the second choice have became the most one. ^_^ The next question is, what kind of activity u will do to refresh your mind and maybe, your body too?

I'm going to answer the question. Do some vacation and Travelling. :)
It will be so Nice.
But... how if we earn money, but don't have much to spent it on vacation, and travel ? Don't be so worry. We may still do it, but in abother way... How?

Vacation and Travel can be done through internet. You still can see a lot of interesting place without spending a lot money, even for free (you just need to pay for internet connection charge ^_^)

If U are interested in, you may go to Vacation And Travel Blog. There are a lot photos about intersting place in the world. It also can be made as your consideration when you need to choose which place do you want to go.
For example, Italy. You may find a lot of interesting place here, completeted with the picture. Cool.
You may also read any suggested hotel there by the author. Find it, choose, and have a nice travel (although its only from your own chair)! ^_^


  1. That is the coolest clock, your blog is great, have enjoyed reading it. Will be back for sure.

  2. hi dropped here. Nice and cool blog

  3. @ Gadgeteer and @ Nanaybelen
    Thank You So Much

  4. You reminded me that I need a good break.. vacation is such a wonderful thing making people feel refreshed and when they get back, working with a fressh start makes efficiency at work and at life really high. I'll try and see this site you referred.


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