Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Earn Money With Adsense

Earn Money With Adsense

Have you ever heard about adsense, guys? Adsense is one of the most popular and famous ways to earn money online.
Based on my opinion, adsense is an affiliate program too, between advertisers and blogger/webmaster which in some way, blogger will earn money from advertisers for each clicked ads where Google acts as a mediator among them. It means that if somebody has clicked an ads in some blog, therefore the blogger will earn money from it.

So, how this thing work? And what is the benefit from adsense program, for blogger and for advertiser?
Adsense will be only displayed in some blog which has same/similar topic with the ads. For example, if blogger post about money online, the displayed ads will have the same/similar topic with money online too, such as PTC, PTR, and more.
The displayed ads will shortly explain about the site with an interesting senteces and words. Of course it will attract people interest to surf and click those ads.

From an advertisers view, it is one way to increase their site's traffic and also increase their income. They will pay some money to Google for this advertisement, according to how much ads have been clicked. And of course, Google will give the blogger benefits too for displaying this ads in their blog/site.

Sounds easy, right? Yup. It's true!
The money circle is sound quite simpe, but you must underlined that it's not easy to earn money by attract people to click an ads in your blog. Because there are a lot of Term Of Policies has been made that you can't click your own ads, ask somebody else to click, persuade someone else to click, and etc. If you do this, your account will be BANNED.
That's why I said that it's not an easy as we think about.
But, It's okay. Then, the right thing that you need to do is just wait and see... ^_^


  1. yeah i also use adsense for my site i notice an increased on my view and click when i join an article submission sites that uses adsense id to earn profit but you must also take care of your site by providing fresh content to attract more visitors to your site

  2. yes..
    it's never easy to earn money..
    patience is a virtue and enthusiasm is everything..
    how about u pal?how's ur adsense?


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