Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Blog is Do Follow Blog

Oh ho ho ho...
It's a hard choice, but I admit that it's one of my oppurtinities to do it right now.
As I wrote in my post before about do follow, one and others, have an advantage and disadvantage in setting up the blog tag as do follow blog.
But Finally, I decide to setting it up as a dofollow blog, because I wanna be a friendly blogger, who provide an automatically backlink for my commentator. It's one way to show up that I would like to say thank you for them who have already read my post and leaved a comment.

In the other hand, in order to avoid getting a spammer in comment's box, I've decided to make the commenting process throug my moderation. So, if I think they comments indicate a spam, I'm still able in deleting the comment. Sorry...

Looking back for the references, I've decided it after read some article in my friends blog about the advantage of setting up the tag blog as do follow. The, I try it. I take a risk that maybe Uncle Google doesn't like it. But after all, I just want prove what I believe, that being a nice and friendly blogger, will help us in many other ways.

So, if u like this post, please help me to campaign do follow blog, to be a nice and friendly blogger, to increasing a friendship, even more back link and wish a good Page Rank.


  1. Thanks for your information. Good idea.

  2. Don't worry, I still a loyal friend for you. So keep your post in English, I like read it.

  3. Beware of Dofollow site...

    its good for other blog (who commented here)

    but its bad for your blog. To many dofollow link in one blog can be marked as Blog Spam by Google. And thats mean Zero.

  4. "to be a nice and friendly blogger, to increasing a friendship,"

    Hmm... I Love it,..

  5. berkomentarlah secara bijak ya gak?? boleh kan saya pake bhs indonesia komentarnya???

  6. @ sumartono
    thank you for your loyality. I really appreciate it

    @ vanudin
    it's ok. I've considered the risk and right now, i'm okay with it

    @ syd
    Yup, I Love it too

    @ lyla
    Boleh bun. Pake bahasa inggris, indonesia, jowo yo oke... Thx ya dah mampir.

  7. nice post, sist.... i agree, do follow blog is very friendly blog.. :)

  8. @ jetra
    iya mba... inspirasinya kan dari blognya mba... :)

  9. Hey, Thanks for posting this - I'm in the process now of switching to do follow also, this will help!

  10. Your blog is do follow and good blog.

  11. Hi dude! It is really great to find dofollow blog. I think it will be helpful to dofollowers.

  12. Nice post..!!I agree with u.

  13. Hi, Really great idea, It is really helpful for Search engine rankings..

  14. Great post. nice information and helpful to me. thanks.

  15. Hey dude Thanks for sharing the Useful thought. it's good thought for getting the back links and improving the ranking.


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