Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blogwalking, Increase Blog Traffic

Just a couple days ago, I finally realize that blogwalking will increase blog traffic. Funny, right? Well, I know that you must be thinking I might be just came back from the moon... ^_^

This realization came when 2 days a go, in weekend, however, I visited my friends blog and unconsiusly saw his live traffics, and found that there are so many visitors come from all over the world. Became so burnt up, I traced down his blog, and found his shoutmix/shoutbox is full with blogger who say hello and just blogwalk..
They leave a message, with hope the blogmaster will visit their blog as a return. n_n

And finally, I follow this. I visit the bloggers who are leave the message in those shoutmix, go to their blog, leave a message and just say hello in shoutbox, and --stay if there are something interesting or pass by if there are nothing attract me--.

Just only in a hours, all of them (who I visit and leave message in) visit my blog and say hello too. Now, just look at the live traffic, I do have same visitors from all over the world. ^_^

It means that blogwalking can increase your traffic. Even that they might be just in a minute on your blog, but it will help increase the number of your blog hit. :)

You can blogwalk use the way I tell above, or might be u can use a social bookmarking site like blogcatalog/mybloglog. Being a member of this social site, u may found a lot of member and blogwalk to others blog. Leave a message, and leave a url, hope they will blogwalk to ur blog too.

Happy blogwalking!!


  1. Good posting. I agree blogwalking will increase blogwalking. Success for you.

  2. Sorry still tyred, ...will increase blog traffic. Good night.

  3. hyd....
    yes, iam agree your comment in your blog. right, if we want to friend or new something we can go to blogwalking. cause, it's usefull helping someone.

  4. Yup... Blogwalking always helps us to increase and boost our traffic. Even if they just come and pass by... But it's okay for us.. Right?
    However its still a lucky for us.

  5. Hi. i'm doing blogwalking here. haha. i'd like to do link exchange with your blog. added your blog. linkback ok? take care :)


  6. Hello! I also recognized the power of Blogwalking. My blog is about Technologies, College and the Arts and the address is

    If you are interested in exchanging links, please comment on the "About this Blog" Page with your site's general descrtptive information and web address. I will then post your site onto my "Recommended Links" Thank You.

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