Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Earn My First 2$

Earn My First 2$

Finally, I earn my first 2$ from internet. Hohoho... ^_^ But how?
Thanks for blogging. Yups... blogging helps me earn more money, and now I prove it.

Maybe it sounds so funny for expert blogger. I'm sure that they have already earned more and much more money than me. It's okay. I am just gonna share it.

Simply, I got it from a program called PTR. Paid To Review. What is PTR? You may read in my next post.
Right now, I just want to tell that finally, blogvertise assigned me a task to review a website. Read my review HERE.

Although that those 2$ is still waiting for approval, I'm still so happy with it. Reviewing a website in English helps me improve my English again. Hopefully, this blog is worthed. :)

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