Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome My Alexa Rank

Welcome Alexa. You are always welcome with a warm hand... ^_^
Yup... finally.. after wait for a few days after installing alexa toolbar in my browser, just a few hours ago, my alexa rank finally appears there, in my widget. So Happy... :)

At the first time I installed it, my alexa didn't show anything. It's said no data available. It's because not enough data for my blog because my blog are still new and don't have any unique visitors at all. (At that time, the only visitor was I am. ^_^ )

But day by day, visiting other blog/web who install an alexa toolbar in their browser, however increasing my alexa rank. Burnt up with the number of my alexa and wanna see the detail, I go to Google search engine, type in my url in it, and after my url shown there, I was pointing my mouse to a grafic line before my url to look over how much is my alexa. It still around 20 million. Puphhhh... :P

There is a time where I was so happy, when finally my widget showed that my alexa rank is 9. Of course I was happy, right? It means my rank is good. But, lately I found that, because of not enough data, the 9 number shown that is rank for blogger (blogspot domain). :(

Still waiting, day by day, slowly but steady, my alexa rank is better. Blogwalking to other blog who have already instal alexa help me increase it. Graphic alexa in search engine (my alexa widget still didnt work) show my alexa reached the number of 5 million. Surprisingly.... n_n

And finally, todal, my lovely widget show it. My alexa rank now is around 2 million. Hmmmmhmmm... I'm happy. It means that it's closer reaching my target to earn more money online. :)


  1. I do have keep it and install it. But because it's new, like u said, there is still 20 Million rank...

  2. @ Anonymous
    Be patient. just try to post your article harder. And it will bring you to the better alexa.


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