Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some of Them Have Deleted My Blog Link

What will you feel when your blog link is Deleted, with SomeOne who has already asked an exchange link with You?

It's happen with me. How SAD.
Though I use a blogroll and exchange link not only to increase my link, but also to keep in contact with my friend. Even, I often leave a comment there, just to say that I care with them, I care with what they write about.
But then, what they do to me? Is it because my blog hasn't got any page rank - or Big Zero?
It's so cruel for me.

Some of my friends have already deleted my link in their blogroll. I was so surprised and a little bit dissapointed.
However, I do still keep it all in my blogroll. I've no ideas wether I should do the same thing to one who have already done it to me, or not?

Any advice? What should I do? Should I deleted it back?? Is it polite?

But however I'm so glad that I still have a loyal friend like "mr golspektakuler - sumartono" who often leaves me a comment.


  1. I wont disappoint you by deleting yr link even after 100yrs if my blog still exists(lol)

  2. Don't worry, I still a loyal friend for you. So keep your post, I like read it.

  3. Poor men. What will they get when deleting links with others ?

  4. don't worry... hehe... masih banyak temen bunda...

  5. @ basha the czar, sumartono and my journey
    Thank You for Your Support!!! It relieves my pain... :)

    @ download movies
    They who do it knew it better than me. :(

  6. Maybe you should ask them why they deleted your link before making any hasty decisions?

  7. Lucky you...

    i read you crying for loosing your blogroll..
    but reading this post, i think there is lucky you for loosing them. Or maybe it is more better if you loosing half of them that has delete you link from their blog.
    in this case you are lucky for unexpected loosing them by error while editing template. lol :P


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