Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Blog Advertising Works

Today is an online world. Internet is used as a powerful tools to get everything what you want, wether information, friends,love and even money. Browsing, chatting, and blogging become so familiar nowadays. Blogging itself has become the favourite one, since it accomodates all of our idea, expression, thought, and more. People can express what they thing, what they know, by interacting each other through theirs blog.

Since usually blog is published on all sort of topics depending on the author (blogger) interest, it is used to be a special place to acquire a lot of knowledge on spesific field. Blogger realize that they will contribute a lot of advices, for their readers, and even for the advertisers. Here you will see that moreover, blog has become a good mean in persuade the reader.

Realizing that blog may become an effective way in encouraging the readers (and even boost the advertisers website's traffic), a lot advertisers take a chance in promoting their product/service/website through a blog review. And the blogger will review what they offer by writing it in their post. That is how blog advertising works.

This marketing strategy is the best one in promoting the website, as it's cheaper and more effective than the other one. Instead of printing more materials and distributed around by making a leaflet, brochure, blog marketing help the environment by not making a garbage leafted by printed and less expensive than paying the television ads.
Then if you are ready, lets get paid to blog.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back For A Moment

Finally, I'm back here, again, though just for a moment, refresh from a boring - routine activity. Bahhhh....

Almost 1 month I dont make any progress in blogging, though it just only post an article, and even just for blogwalk... But, for this one month, I found a lot of interest thing, while doing some browsing activity.

I found some new paid review program (though I'm sure it's not a new one, but I found it just now), such as adreviewcamp (paid review program from Indonesia), payperpost, and more more more...

Maybe I will share it later, one by one per post. Wait for another unoccupied time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Page Rank : 2

How wonderful...

I still can't believe it. Today I found that my page rank achieved the number of 2. Huray huray huray....

I am still wondering how it can be like this. I realize it when I checked my blog opportunities in paying post, and go to manage blog menu, I saw that My Google Page Rank is 2.
How surprised!!

Still cant believe it, I go to, typed my url, and ......
Yes, it's true!. My making money online Blog Page Rank is 2. I'm so happy with it, whereas in the recent days, I was blogging lazyly, as for about 4 months my page rank was still in big zero.
And this also works in my jilbab swarna blog and also my happy family blog. Both of them also get Google Page Rank 1.

Getting The 2 Google Page Rank, it means that I could take an advantage in joining more paid review programs. Thats what I really want, unless before, they rejected my blog because it was still a big zero rank.

But, beside this happiness, I should do my big homework in reconstruct this blog. However, blogroll is still become my first job.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Blog is Under Construction

Hi Everyone...

This blog is still under construction, due to a preparation to a new layout and I'm still learning about how it works...
I'm so sorry that until now I have no time to fix the error in my blogroll. So, please be patient until i find the solution. Cheerrsss... ^_^

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My BlogRoll is Gone

Oh God, I've made a mistake. When trying to try a new template, some of my widget has been deleted. When I try to recover it like before, my blogroll data was not come back...

Help me...
Dear friends, who have already make an exchange link with me, please confirm me again your blog link.... Please...

I dont wanna loose yooouuuuuu

Rejected... Oh God! How Pity...

Tonight, socialspark emailed me and informed that They were unable to approve my blog.
God... How pity I am...

But, strangely, they just write it like this

Happiness and Love,

The SocialSpark Team



An IZEA Innovation

Dont know what it means. One thing that I understand, that I'm getting so dizzy....
Good bye money making online...


Today, during my jobhours, I registered my self in
Socialpark is a website that offer some opportunities in making money online with a few ways.
Not only offer a paid review program, but also CPC, Spark, Spon adn Affiliate.
So, I think its innovative and creative making money program.

I'm interested in join in, and this blog, my money making online blog, is still waiting for approval.
Trully hope that this can be an alternative way in boosting my earning. Amin.
Just wait and see.