Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What is Alexa Rank?

What is Alexa Rank? Don't know about alexa? Is it about a pretty girl? Hahaha... No - No. You wrong...
Come on, guess... what is Alexa?...
Still dont know? Hey, guys... where are you from? (Hehehe... n_n . just kidding, bro!)

I am sure that by surf and browse in search engine, you will know directly what is alexa. however, just for you who didn't want to waste any time browsing in search engine, here I explained to you.

Alexa rank gives you information about a web traffic. Alexa Rank is given by Alexa web who count a number of unique visitors who uses an alexa toolbars. Alexa ranks the web which use an alexa toolbar and also the visitor's web who use an alexa toolbar. For example, my blog use an alexa toolbars and its widget, so if your web use it too, and unconciously visit my blog, it will increase both of our alexa rank.

Is it Important? Yes of course. Alexa Rank give you some benenfits. Such as:
1. Alexa helps you give information about the web's quality and popularity.
2. Alexa help you in increasing Page Rank too. Some fact said that Google still use it as a measurement to increase/decrease a Google Page Rank
3. Alexa help you to be accepted in online money making program.

If you want to reach a high Page Rank, I think you need to consider installing alexa toolbar (you can download here)in your browser, and set your web as a default homepage. So everytime you open a browser, it will helps hitting your alexa rank.
Alexa toolbar is already compatibel with Firefox and IE. So, you just need to download it for free.
You may also set an Alexa widget in your web. It will show you the number of your alexa rank. However, the less number shown there , it means better Rank..

Happy try!!


  1. I even dont know about it. Nice post. I'll try it.

  2. Just waiting to next month.

    Insya Allah my Blog will reach the first 100.000 ranks.


  3. Very useful post. I like yr blog friend.

  4. @ Anonymous:
    It's okay. Hopefully its become a new information to you.

  5. @ Vanudin
    Amin. Hopefully, bro. If so, teach me how to reach that. ^_^

  6. @ Basha The Czar
    Thank You So Much. Feel Free to Visit again.

  7. i dont still understand about it, anyway thank you

  8. @ muryanto
    it's okay... Will Understand by the time... :)


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