Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Solution For Excel 2007 and 2003 Crashed on Vista

Solution For Excel 2007 Crashed on Vista

I've always used Microsoft Office Excel in doing some of my job, especially if its about earn money (from real world.... ^-^ ). Excel is one of my favorite application, and i've done a lot of my job using this aplication. It helps me much in doing some of calculation data, as accounting is one of my jobs in the office.

Using excel during almost whole of my life, I never found any problems, till those day come. I still remember that at that time, my company gave a notebook to all of staff. And I'm done with Sony Vaio, which is integrated with Bluetooth. But, In the next time, this bluetooth have already made me very frustated.

How dont, if every time I opens my workbook (excel 2007), there were always crashes appears. Everytime I tried to close excel, or trying to open a new workbook, excel was always trying to do some recovery as if Excel having some crash problem. And that was always happen during my time in using an Excel 2007.

Someday, I tried to remove Excel 2007 and replace it with the lower version, Excel 2003, hopping that it will solve the problem. But what? The same problems appeared again. The appearing error message was :

“Microsoft Office Excel has stopped working” with problem event name : APPCRASH
and bla bla bla bla bla....
I wonder and guess, might be it because the new operating system, windows Vista Business. I've thought to remove it and change it to Xp, but notice that I dont have the original windows, I don't do that.

Looking for other alternative solution, finally I found the right one, after googling in internet. So, if you have the same problem with Excel like this, you may follow the step below:

1. Firts of all, you must ensure that you log on to your computer as an administrator, else you cant continue with this step.
2. When you are administrator, click "start" icon in windows, go to regedit (you may type it in search windows start menu) -- type regedit and then enter.
3. It will appears a small window with the message " windows need permission", and you can click "continue".
4. At Regedit Browser, navigate your choice to: computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\BtOfficeIntegration.1
3. If you done with it, at the right coloumn you may see "Name" and you should twice click on LoadBehaviour. When value appears, change the number of "3" become "0", then click ok. You may see that your LoadBehaviour value become 0×00000000(0).
5. Close regedit window, and try to reopen your Excel. It will work normally. (I hope so - because it done with me)

Happy Try...


  1. Great, your company gave a notebook to all of staff.

  2. Hm... actually not like what you think about, mas. The company just lent it to staff, during the time they work in the comapny. If resign, we must give it back to the company. :)

  3. Wuih, Thanks God there is solution Here... :)

    ngomong2, Mba company nya buka lowongan kerja nggak?

  4. @ vanudin
    Happy it helps you much, bro.
    Lowongan? gak da. Tapi kalau mau jadi programmer di tempat kita, boleh deh... :)
    Tapi full time yah... Bayarannya dikit tapi. Hehehe...

  5. Hi!
    thank you for this. No problem with vista so far.
    See you around.

  6. @ lunaticg
    You are welcome. Happy with that. ^_^

  7. Comming again but not yet new posting. Maybe Uminya Rama is busy. Success for your business.

  8. thanks, it helps.


  9. Thanks for sharing this info to us but what I know, since I started using microsoft, crashing is a normal part of the business. I mean, the bugs are there so they can also sell the solutions to it... It is normal way to have profit so however frustrated people/consumers can get, they have to understand that this is just apart of the trade.

  10. @ sumartono
    Sorry Bro. Too much an office jobs, make me have no time to updating my blog...

  11. @webbielady
    Thank you. We do know about that. But now, there are so many ways and crack to solve the problem, so we dont need to pay at all. Great, huh?? ^_^


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