Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trade Show Displays

Have you already gone to a trade show? If you work as a sales marketing of some product/services, or as a company representative, I'm sure that you are familiar with what a trade show is.
As you can demonstrate and promote your latest product/services there, then you need some displays to fill your trade show booths .
For about ten years till now, Camelback Displays Inc is here to give all you needs for your exhibition. You can get all of your trade show displays needs, as easy as you can imagine.
Some types of trade show displays they offer are pop up trade show displays (from printed to custom one), tabletop displays, panel trade show exhibits, custom panel system, towers, and more.
All those thing are very important for a succesfull exhibition, but then you can't forget the most popular means for your trade show, that is banner stands.
Camelback Displays also give you a lot alternatives to choose your own banner stands, from the standing one, telescoping, hanging, and more. Banner stands with interesting grapic design and full printing, will also attract visitors to come and see what you offer.

How about the partition? In a trade show, you can make a partition/areas in your own booths by using a pipe and drape. Camelback offer their pipe and drape which is made of fire retardant fabrics and alumunium pipe. You can use these for your own display piecee, and no more effort, because they are easy to assembly.

Then, if you use a table within your booths to support your exhibition, don't forget to use Camelback customize designed table skirts. However, choosing the right table cover for your exhibition is also important, right?

Camelbackdisplays is the right place for your one-stop shopping.


  1. Very good information. Would try.

  2. Nice post. That must be a fairly good company. Still, it's always nice to look at other options as well. This way, we will know what suits our needs best. :)


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