Thursday, May 14, 2009

Selling Text Link

I'm new with making money only by selling text link/keyword. I've read some posts which shown that it is easy and help us earn more money than other online money making such as Paid Per Click and Paid Review.

As we know, paid review is the most popular one nowadays. Every blogger compete each others to win the tight competition in paid review programs. And I do have a little lucky with this program. Blogsvertise is still the best one for me, since I have collect $29 during the time.

Some bloggers (who is lucky with online money making)told that they are succes in text link ads programs. Even, they can get more than $900 a month. How amazing.. It was a great number that I never imagined could be got only from internet.

Honestly, i'm also interested to join in. But I read that Google doesn't like it. Some blogs which done so, have been penalized to Page Rank 0, after they got good Page Rank before.
I worried about it and it make me think twice, more and more to selling text link.

But if you are interested in joining the programs, you can begin with,, and more.

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