Friday, May 8, 2009

A Bigger Chance For Me in Paid Review Program

I'm glad. Two days ago, there is a bigger chance for me in making money online from paid review.
After being lucky with blogsvertise as they set this money blog into normal status, and got its first review here for about $8, I found that there is a chance to take the same opportunities in Sponsoredreviews.

At that time, I registered this blog when its Page Rank was still 0, and succcesfully rejected. But now, when this blog has made a lot of progress, I come back to make if there was any status changes. Unfortunately and unconciously, I clicked a delete button and as a result, I lost my blog. When I tried to re-registered this money making blog, the system said that this blog is already in their system.

Feeling so confused and dont know what to do, I contact their admin, write a very-polite letter with full of request if there is any chance in re-added my blog and perhaps luckily approve its status. And, Alhamdulilah... In the next day, Jill, one of their admin, informed me that my blog has been re-added and they also approved my blog status. I'm so LuckY!

Then, after those approval, I have a wide opportunities in finding the marketplace and make a bid for some advertisers. Hopefully, this will become a good start in Sponsoredreviews for me.

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