Monday, May 11, 2009

Works As Consultant isn't As Easy As I Think (Part 1)

Works in government accounting consultant isn't as easy as I think before.
Two years a go, I thought that it was a simple job, but now, I've changed my opinion.

Worked as a consultant, made you learning more than others does. How don't? You have to make any suggestion for your client,--then, if you are not smarter than him, how can you give him any advise? You are not capable to do it.

I studied about commercial accounting, like many colleges teach most. At that time, I've no idea to study about goverment accounting. We learned it, but it just looks like an introductary of government accounting. No special intention.
I'm good in commercial accounting, but I'm not interested in government accounting at all. Pity!

But directly after my graduation, I enter the field that I don't know before. Yups, my first job is my jobs now, though at the first time I started it as a project secretary.
Now, become a training manager, force me to learn about this accounting at much. At first, It was shocking me. I've learn more about a lot of government regulations, and it's not easy. As I dont have any basic at all.

(....To be Continued - Part 2)

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