Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Earn Money with Pay To Click (PTC)

Earn Money With Pay To Click (PTC)

What is Pay To Click and how we can Earn Money from it? Simply definition about Pay To Click (PTC) I take from wikipedia : "an online unsustainable business models that draw huge ammount of online traffics from people aiming to earn money from home".

A PTC website is a midllemen between advertisers and consumers. How it works? Well, it's usual that the advertisers pays for displaying ads on the PTC website. The PTC website earn money from it, and a part of this payment goes to the consumer (or we called the member of PTC) as he views the ads for about 30''.

Some of PTC offers some $ for each ads its member click. Most of them give 0.01$ (different for aech PTC website) for each ads they click, and even some PTC give point bonus for sign up to their site.

Each PTC sometimes provide a various number of ads to click. Its range between 5 - 10 ads/day. But if we upgrade our account to premium member, we can get more than that, and of couurse, earn more money too.

One of PTC I joined in is indoptc. Indoptc is one of Indonesian PTC website which offers payment in $ through Bank (Indonesia only) or Paypal. Indoptc helps me earn money. Instead of sill trying, slowly but stable, my stats (money earnings from this PTC, is going increase. How nice!! ^_^ Interest in join in ? Click Here.

However, PTC is a new thing to trying on. So, try and enjoy it!

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  1. i am also using paid to click sites for earning money i received payment from sites.


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