Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Have you familiar with entrecard? For bloggers who are very concern with traffics, I'm sure that they must know what Entrecard is.
But now, I'm not going to tell about what is entrecard. You can get a lot of informations about it just by googling.
What I want to share about is..., my feeling about Entrecard.

A couple months a go, I am also a person who is very concerns with my blog traffics. And I use entrecard to support what i want.

For some month, It really works for me. But I forgot that it was just a seasonal traffic. When you are not concern with it anymore, you will lose it.
At the time I have no interest in blogwalk and drop some EC by, I've changed my interest in their marketplace.
It's marketplace offers a lot of unique product and service, and all the payment is done with the EC (not dollar).

I've earned some EC in my account, and I though I can change it to dollar by selling it to the devotee. I made my order in marketplace, but what...
Unfortunately, they deleted my market. Hoooohhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Pity.
Looking for some reasons, I heard from some one that it's prohibited to sell your product (especially sell EC) with a real money. Bahhhh....

Then, what is my 1,500 EC for ? Is there someone who want to buy it with only $2 ?? If so, contact me!

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