Monday, May 11, 2009

Works As Consultant isn't As Easy As I Think (Part 2)

But, time goes by, during this 2 years, I've learned a lot.
I've learned many regulations, and found that sometimes, it doesn't support each other. We have face a lot questions from our clients, why this is happens, how about that one, which regulation should we use, and etc.
Based on my experience, finally the conclusion is:
We can't hold only with 1 regulation. Those regulations should support each others. If no, then we have to choose the higher regulation between.
And sometimes, we can't take the main statement directly without any research at all. We still need analize what is tha main statement, what does it means, and what is the purpose...

Hhh... It isn't easy, whereas sometimes we meet people/client who take the regulation and swallowing a story hook. Pity... But then, it is our jobs to give him wider expalanations.

My jobs itself doesn't stop only with learning regulations. I've to fix some module, and make it stay update with the latest regulation.
Actually, it is a tiring jobs, but then... What can I do. I've dealed with this and I earn almost all my income from this.
Then, let it be, right?

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