Friday, May 1, 2009

Blogsvertise is still the Best One for Me!

Reading some post about the decreasing number of jobs from paid review broker in my friends's blog, make me thingking that this world is soooooo hard. How not? Getting more money become so difficult nowadays.

But, though the condition is worse now, I'm still feeling glad, that blogsvertise still gives me a trust and chance, to earn more money from blog review.
After they put my happy family blog status to normal one (not in probabtion anymore), they give me a review cost $7.5. What a high amount, after I just got $2 before. ^_^

And it doesn't stop there. After I submitted my task, fortunately, I found a grab bag task as much as $7.5. (it is recommended to login to your blogsvertise account every day, to found a grab bag task beside your blog list). Of course I didn't let it pass away. I took the chance, and now, both of my job, have been approved already. Nice...

For me, blogsvertise is still the best one, since I've earned $ only from it. Other paid review broker didn't approved my blog in joining with them, as somehow blogspot domain is no longer accepted in their system. Pity.... Though blogspot is no longer accepted, I still don't have any willling to change it into my custom domain. Have no experience with it and still learn about it. Maybe someday..
Right now, try to be satisfied only with blogsvertise....

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