Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product (2)

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product (2)

This is my second post about earn money from home by selling a yashmack. The next steps I will share about is promotion. Yes, PROMOTION! Promotion is very important for your business, especially for a very newbie entreprenaur.
Then, how to promote your product?

Promoting a product can be done by several ways. "Mouth to mouth" or using some visual tools. Generally, "mouth to mouth" works effectively, especially if there are a crowded environment in your place. It works because people often trust in a testimonial proof than a visual tools. This persuading methods works more effective if the persuader (a person who has already tried the yashmack, and feel satisfied with it) promotes the yashmack in her own group. Generally, people are more interested in their friends testimonial.
Promoting yaschmack in some area by using this alternative way can be done in some group activity such as "pengajian, arisan, and PKK" --> what it is in English??

Another alternative one to promote your product is using a virtual tools, such as flier and banner. Both of them are the cheapest tools and reachable especially for newbie enterpreneur.
To promote a yashmack, you can set your banner in your home, trough the crowded street, or maybe strew your fliers in some crowded area. Make your banner and fliers fully eye catching, to attract people interests.

Finally, after promoting your product, then its time to sit and wait for your first customers, and also wait for your first earning. Have a nice try! ^_^

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