Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NewBie BloGGer in English ? It 's Hard 4 Me!!

Earn Money From Internet? How ? the easiest way is Being A NEWBIE BLOGGER . But, is it easy?? The answer is "both" , may be YES... or Maybe NO.
"Yes" is the answer if we post our blog using our mother language... Me? Of course, Indonesian language...

But use english as the only language in posting our blog (as a NEWBIE BLOGGER) is one of the hardest thing I should do. Why? Because being a consultant for about 2 years, interact with people who "only know Indonesian language" - (red: it's rare having person who can speak English fluently in my job's envyronmet), has been almost removed all of my capability in speaking and writing English during college. :( How silly I am...

Knowing internet since I was in Senior High School, and finally now I am interested in blogging. Why? Yeah like I said before, it's Because of MONEY. Yes, the opportunities to EARN MONEY from Internet.

However, being a NEWBIE BLOGGER (in English - I mean) is not steadily a bother thing for me. Even, beside it can make me try to improve my English again, It would give us an opportunity to earn more money from my blog. --- InTErNet- Yup, that's the answer..

But, the question is How?? Honestly, I don't really understand. Hehehe... :P Now... I'm still trying to do that. (Come On, I a'm still NewBie Blogger, right?!!)

I just think IF ... (just If, ok), someday fortunately I can reach what i really want from internet, earn more money - and more than my income for being a consultan-, i would retired from my main job (consultant), and proceed being a trully wife and mom for my family, earn money from house and... Barakallah, I wish God bless me. Amin.

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