Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reasons start to write a blog

Joining a discussion about the reasons why we write a blog, make me thinked and remembered why do I start writing a blog.
Maybe my earlier post will remind me that one of the reason to start a blog is to earn money.
But is it money the one and only reason?

However, I have to be honest to my self that a desire to blogging is purely come from my husband. Yup. It's came a few months after having my Rama in the world.
I'm proudly introduce my son to the world at here

The next reason is earn money. Although it's still a trial time, but I need to prove it by myself.
But Somehow, I often ask to my self. Why do i obsess to earn money from internet, indeed that i can't eat money. Right ???

Well, maybe the answer is earning money helps me have the ability to buy something to eat. Hahahha... :D

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