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Keyword Optimization Will Increase Your Traffic

Keyword Optimization Will Increase Your Traffic

As I mentioned in my recent post, to increase a traffics, you need a keyword that best describe your own blog to the world.
This is an free article which I took from

"Keyword optimization if done correctly can significantly increase the flow of traffic to any website. In fact keyword research is one of the most critical aspects of preparing a website before it goes online.

To properly optimize your site for the search engines careful selection of the keywords you want to use is important. The right selection will result in a steady flow of traffic to your site. If however you choose words that are not relevant or perhaps overly popular your site can drown in a sea of obscurity.

Choosing the right combination of words around which you can build your site will require plenty of keyword research. Let's have a look at certain specifics you'll need to consider when selecting those keywords that will best benefit your site.


Focusing on exactly what it is your site offers develop a list of words that describe your site, its content or its purpose. A keyword tool, many of which are available online for free, can help you dig further into this list with related words or terms. It is very important that the words you select ACCURATELY describe your site.

Consider this your # 1 rule when optimizing with keywords.


To further develop a deeper list of keywords use your keyword tool to find phrases that may incorporate words relevant to your site. Instead of using a keyword like 'find real estate' you could use 'find real estate in Chicago'. Keyword phrases or long tailed keywords like this are advantageous to use for a couple of reasons. These types of keyword phrases are more descriptive. Long tail keywords are usually less competitive since the description is more precise and not appropriate for a more 'general' search. Another advantage here is that anyone searching on a very clearly defined set of keywords is usually 'HIGHLY TARGETED' traffic. Yet another advantage is it is usually easier to rank higher with the search engines when using long tailed keywords due to the lack of competition.


The domain name of your site should again ideally be descriptive of your website. Online marketing involves quickly capturing the attention of potential customers before they click away. Having a domain name that is concise but descriptive of your online business
would be great however it is sometimes difficult to find something available that would be appropriate. In lieu of the 'perfect' domain name again conduct a little keyword research here to find a phrase or synonym that would be both catchy and descriptive.


The use of inbound links benefits a website in two ways, additional traffic and a higher profile (and favor) with the search engines. Capturing this inbound traffic normally requires the use of links to your site located off site. You may put them in articles or perhaps have them in a signature file you use at a forum or social site.
Wherever you choose to place these links be sure to use a keyword from your website in the anchor text. Say for example you sell 'dog food' at your website you can use a link such as 'Dog Food Depot' to attract traffic to your site. Search engines love inbound links such as these that use both keywords and are descriptive. This 'love' usually results in a higher search engine ranking.


When conducting your website optimization with keywords avoid the temptation of using your selected keywords too often. Placing them where appropriate and when they look natural within the sentence structure is ALWAYS recommended.

If your keyword optimization is completed correctly you will see a boost in your traffic and search engine ranking. By choosing a list of descriptive words and phrases and using them wisely you will have established a solid foundation upon which you can build your online business"

This article has been written by TJ Philpott.

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