Friday, January 23, 2009

Beware of Scam PTC!!

Earn money from internet become dreams of most netter in the world, especially for newbie blogger. An internet money making program most talked about nowadays is paid to click (ptc).

Like I posted in my blog before, ptc may give us benefits such as earning more money in dollars. Many people interested in joining that kind of programs.
As it's popularity, there are a lot of new ptc appears in internet. But, not all ptc being so "kindly" and "nicely" to us.

Some of bad guys use ptc as a chance crime. They make similar website like more ptc do, but offering "irrational" points in earning dollars. Be careful of some ptc like thats, because it could be a scam ptc.

What is a scam ptc? Scam ptc is a ptc when you joined in and click their ads, they won't pay you any dollar at all. Instead, the worst thing, it might be a spy ware website, which will searchs for important/secret things/information in your PC.(??? -- cmiiw)

List of Scam PTC in my next post.


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