Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First Adsense

My First Adsense

Finally, Google uncle accept my proposal to be a member of adsense. Hohohoho...^_^ It means that a chance to earn money from internet is getting bigger and bigger.

It said that Google will give us a cheque if our earning from adsense reach a minimum payout for about 100$. But, when we will get it?

A senior-master-blogger said that just be patient. Don't be so ambitious. Let money come to yours by itself.
And the most important thing is "DON't TRY TO CLICK YOUR ADS YOURSELF and DON'T TRY TO HAD other PEOPLE CLICKS on IT", or INSTEAD your ACCOUNT will be BANNED. :(

IF your adsense account is banned, you have no more chance to earn more money from adsense. AND finally, say Good Bye ...ADSENSE.


  1. Try is the best u can do, or never......My adsense haven't took me become one yet...Anyway, I know how to as a blogger...Ciaoo..Congratu!!!Also ss new mommies 4 yr bby...Welcome to the world...Imelda

  2. @ My Blog/Imelda
    Hai... Thank You for visiting my blog. Having good with the business, huh? ^-^


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