Thursday, January 22, 2009

Earn More Money in PTC by Rent Referrall

Earn More Money in PTC by Rent Referrall

Earn money ($) in PTC might become a difficult thing to do. I say, It's not impossible, But.... could be the hardest thing to do, IF we are only a standart member, and do not have any referral at all.

Imagine that if you only join in PTC as standart member, you only have chance to click ads between 5 - 10 ads/ day. Its different if you are a premium member, who is given more ads than the standart one.

Even, if you don't have any referral, reaching 2$ in your stats, could take 1 months more(depends on how many ads provided). But, when you have referrals, just sitting on your chairs, money comes to you by itself.

Then, how renting referrals work for you?
Well, almost in every PTC offers its member to rent some referrals. Offering referrals starts from 5, 10, 25, 100, and even 500 referrals. And of course, the price follows it. Rent in a larger number, more payment you have to made.

After having some referrals, what you really need to do is "NOTHING". You only works to click ads for your self, and your referrals will click their ads for themselves. The nicest thing is you will earn some money for each ads they clicks too. After it, you can calculate how much $ you earn in one day only. :)

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