Saturday, January 31, 2009

Be Friends With Google

Be Friends with Google...

Yup, you have to be friends with Google if you want to increase your traffics to your site/blog. Is there any way to do that..??
Based on the article I have read about that there are some ways to be friends with Google.
The 1st one is optimize your metatag which include meta keywords and meta description.
Meta keywords is some words used to be keys belong to your site. Means that if somebody click your keywords in search engine, the will be directly pointed to your site/blog.
Meta description is a description of your blog which will helps to introduce your blogs content to search engine.

The second one is make a lot of backlink to others site/blog who is more popular and have a lot of traffics than yours.

The third one.. Hm, I am still looking for the other ways. I promise that I will read some articles, and if it's possible, I would co-pas them to this blog as a useful information.

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