Sunday, January 25, 2009

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product

Steps to Built Your Earning from Your Home by Selling A Real Product

As I wrote in my recently posted, moslems fashion has become a trend, and the request is increasing days to days. So, it is one of alternative ways to earn more money from home.
I said home because it was a good start for n newbie reseller to begin builts their business. "Start from your closest environment!!".

My suggested steps below is succeded done in my own way. They are:

1. Start from choosing what kind of product that you really want to sell. It is important to analyze, according to who is your customers, what is their interest, how big the market, how much price which is reachable, and etc.
As a sample, we choose a yashmak as our product. After we analyze the reasonable price for our market, go to the next step.

2. Look for a producers who offers a reasonable and reachable price. If your environment is fully with a midle - low class customers, it is recommended to look for a brand which offers followed price. But, look for both of products is okay.
Looking for the lowest-price-offered-producers is easy. You may ask some senior in this business, or you might only use your keyboard to search in internet.
Yes, search engine is one of the most popular tools to give informations you really wanted.

3. Compare each other from one producers to another one. Basic price, given discount, shipping charges and flexibility might become an important consideration in choosing producers.

4. Don't be too ambitious in taking a high margin. Important thing to start a business is look for customers first. After you have some loyal customers, you might be increase your margin profit.

..... To be continued. Read my next post.

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