Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Government Accounting Consultant

Now... it's time to talk about my main job, GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING CONSULTANT. It's a nice topic for me, cause I do really love working in this GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING field (and because I earn money from it. :))

My company where I am working, (called it INDgAF), is a service company that is established to give training, consulting, research, IT and System Development. Having supported with proffesional, INdgAF is competent and reliable in the development of human resources for government institution and private company.

Since the year of 2007, INDgAF have been giving trainings and consulting for government institution and private companies all over Indonesia.

Giving the best for its costumers, IndgAF periodically evaluate and update its knowledge and materials to accomodate the rapid development and dynamic changes in general knowledge and technology.

And I am, proudly say that: I am one of this team. Huray!! ... It means that I am participating in helping local government (in case) serve its accountability, and helping this nations being better from before. ^_^

See fully INDgAF Profile

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