Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Page Rank : 2

How wonderful...

I still can't believe it. Today I found that my page rank achieved the number of 2. Huray huray huray....

I am still wondering how it can be like this. I realize it when I checked my blog opportunities in paying post, and go to manage blog menu, I saw that My Google Page Rank is 2.
How surprised!!

Still cant believe it, I go to, typed my url, and ......
Yes, it's true!. My making money online Blog Page Rank is 2. I'm so happy with it, whereas in the recent days, I was blogging lazyly, as for about 4 months my page rank was still in big zero.
And this also works in my jilbab swarna blog and also my happy family blog. Both of them also get Google Page Rank 1.

Getting The 2 Google Page Rank, it means that I could take an advantage in joining more paid review programs. Thats what I really want, unless before, they rejected my blog because it was still a big zero rank.

But, beside this happiness, I should do my big homework in reconstruct this blog. However, blogroll is still become my first job.


  1. Congratulation for increase your PR be number 2. Success... Nice blog with black template.

  2. mbak, aq bagi2 award nih, silahkan ambil di blogku :)

  3. Great Job you have there! Hopefully mine can reach where you are right now.

    God Bless...

    Your Daily Word

  4. Congratulations. A Page Rank of 2 isn't easy to achieve! With the blogosphere full of make money blogs, earning a page rank of 2 in this arena is great. Keep up the good work and keep posting us useful information.

  5. Nice PR2 ! I'm experiencing the same problem you had : PR0 so I still can't sign in many marketing programs. I hope I'll someday achieve to take off from PR0 as you did :-)
    Once again : congrat' ^^ !


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