Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oase in Desert, When Making Money is Really Hard

Wow... How busy... I do feel that it's so difficult to earn money, both offline and online. Puuuhhhhh....
Almost 1 month I leave my blogging world, no more article posting (or even just a heart sharing), and no more blogwalking.... :(
Sorry for them who have alreay blogwalked to my blog.... I still have no time to do the same.

I was very busy with my office jobs. Due to some reason, I have to add my job hours. Even, I had to work overtime during the night until morning came. ... God, It's so difficult to earn money. :(

But, another happy news come... I've got another review this month. Its about credit card processor. Thanks Blogvertise. I love You SO Much!. Although still wonder, do I have done a good review????

Real profits also come from my side jobs in rumah jilbab cicha.. Some customers finally buy some of the products. Thanks God. It like an oase in a desert. ^_^

1 comment:

  1. I agree...making money is getting harder and harder nowadays...
    Salam kenal ya .^_^.


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