Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Paid To Click

As I told in my post, I joined the money making program with PTC at first. Due to some reason, I just joined one PTC only, that is indoptc.
However, I do this because I just want to try how it works. And Indoptc has become my choice, because it founded by Indonesian. I love Indonesia!!

During the time, untill now, I've collected $4 in my account, which comes from my own clicks and also my direct referrals too. Don't be so wonder why it's just a litle at hands. It just because I'm a lazy person... Sometimes I forgets to click my ads.., though I connect with Internet almost every day.

But, that's not what I want to share about here. I just wanna share that, till now, I still can't cashout my earnings, due to a reason:.
I'm late. Cashout are limited for standart member. And I AM a STANDARD Member. I still don't want to upgrade it into premium, because I dont want to invest in something that I haven't proofen it by myself. Maybe later...

Though what I can do now is just waiting for the reopen cashout, I'm still not sure that I can do it smoothly. What I can't understand is the management often change the rule. For example, right now the minimum cahsout $3, but at the other time, changed become $5, and bla bla bla....

Yeah,,,, wahatever. Just wait and see.


  1. if u choose the best paid to click site u can earn more. The number of scam sites is very large as compare to reliable and good paid to click sites. I am earning good with paid to clicks sites

  2. hei this is great blog that i was looking for, tell me more about the program of affiliate that can give manoy

  3. Why you don't want upgrade your member status ???

  4. hey nice blog. :) all the best.


  5. wah... makin sukses ya Umi... hehehe... makin tebel dong :D


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