Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Web Broser, My Google Chrome

Almost a week recently, I have used Google Chrome as my new web browser. Sounds late, is it? Though Google Chrome has already launched at September 2008, but I'm interested in just recently. That's because my firefox doesn't work well.

I pointing the most advantages using a Google Chrome is it loads very fast, much much faster than others browser, such Firefox and IE. That makes Google Chrome different than others.

Here's another benefit using Google Chrome which I took from some article:

New Features

When you open a new tab in Chrome you have some interesting options. You have the 9 most visited sites in the main part of the window, on the right there is a search bar, a list of your recent bookmarks and a list of recently closed tabs. Pretty much the things that you would need or want to access.

There is also a small link on the bottom left that shows your full history, so you really do have access to anything that you have been recently working on. The site history does not open in a small sidebar, it opens in the full page. There is also a search function for your history. This is a great improvement on the other browsers.

There is also a full list of Chrome features, each with a 30 second video, on the Google Chrome site.

Since we spend so much time online, we began seriously thinking about what kind of browser could exist if you started from scratch and built on the best elements out there. We realized that the web had evolved from mainly simple text pages to rich, interactive applications and that we needed to completely rethink the browser. What we really needed was not just a browser, but also a modern platform for web pages and applications, and that's what Google set out to build.

In theory, each tab works as a stand alone browser. If one tab crashes the others do not crash. At least this is what they say, I have not had a crash yet to let you know it it works.

Google claims that there is "improved speed and responsiveness across the board". I find this an understatement. This is the fasted browser on the internet today. They also say that they built V8, a more powerful JavaScript engine, to power the next generation of web applications that aren't even possible in today's browsers. This seems true to me, and only time will tell. (like written by Richard Mclaughin)

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  1. Google Chrome is Good Web browser. But firefox Plugin are no available.


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