Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your Text Link Looks Like

What should your link exchange information look like?

A link exchange program starts with your own unique text ad
under 200 characters full of your key words, don't need
sentences, put most important key words early in the text
ad, check spelling, no "ALL CAPS"
set up in this order:




Your title - A descriptive title for your blog, not
necessarily your domain name but the name you are branding
your site with. There are very strong blogs that use a
title that describes the site rather than the domain name,
again, using strong key words. Others have opted to use a
title that starts with a number or letter "A" so that on
another blog - their text link will appear early in the

Blog Description - Use Overture's Keyword Selector
Tool to refine your text for your blog description. The
more thought and planning you put into your title and
description, the more powerful your link exchange will have
on search engines.

Categorizing your own text link - To save time and energy,
think about what categories your text link would work on
(i.e. work at home recourses, parenting, home decor, time
management - the theme of your blog) because some sites
will want you choose the category that your blog will fit

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