Thursday, June 11, 2009

Start Your Reciprocal Link Exchange!

Once you have designed your own link description, you are
ready to set up your own link exchange program for your
blog. As you will be asking other bloggers to put
your link information on their "links" or "resource" page,
you need to set up your own page for you to place their link
exchange information. This is called reciprocal link

Reciprocal Link Exchange - In essence, you are "swapping
links". It is an even trade. Your text link on one of
their links pages with your URL pointing to your homepage
and you place their text link information on your links page
while setting up their link to connect with their homepage
(index page).

Before you can offer a reciprocal link exchange with another
webmaster, you will often need to show them you have already
put their link information on your blog.

Designate at least one page for your link exchange program.
As your link exchanges grow, you will expand your pages into
different categories. Make sure your link exchange program
is linked to your main page and every page of your blog.
Alphabetize and categorize your listing of reciprocal links.


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