Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ebay oh Ebay...

During November 2010 - January 2011, I was in Washington DC. Yeah, the capital of US. Yippie!! That was my first time going abroad, and might be my only time stepping on US. ^_^

During my short internship (yes, I was in Internship, which means i was on duty), I was eager to feel and experience how to shop in Ebay.

Honestly, I'm not sure enough to shop while I'm in Indonesia, 'coz you know, things like tax duty, and etc, makes me sick about it.
In case I was there, at the top of the world (really???), finally, I decided to purchase somethings (with a lot of "s" behind, hehehehe).

First, I was looking for any cheaper and cheapest jewelry, which in Indonesia, a numerous tiny jewelry costs a huge amount. hmmm...
And after searching searching and searching... voila! Found it!

Using a credit card borrowed from friend (yes, I didn't have any CC at that time if u asked me '_' ), i was verifying my account in ebay, and getting start to purchase online.

For a shipping address, I wrote my office address on it. And only in 2 weeks, I received the item that I wanted. I wonder that in Indonesia I'm going to experience the same. :(

Getting excited with what I got, I continued to buy and buy..
Well, it was such a great experience, I think. Just imagine, You can get what do you want, only with a cheap and cheaper price.

Getting close with the time I should go back To Indonesia, I decided to purchase and change my shipping address to my home at Indonesia.
And you know, from 5 item I bought, only 1 item arrived successfully (and even it arrived within 1.5 months. Goooossshhh!!). And how are you, my 4 items?
Until I write this, I still don't accept it yet.
And I'm asking to my self? Who do I need to blame on? The Seller, or My country tax duty?

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